Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Preview: Now Playing Improvements (0.26)

I'm hoping to get 0.26 completed by the end of this week.  I have another widget or 2 to create and a few bugs to fix but the rest is done.  This update is mainly focused on improving the now playing view, the playlist management and the file scanning/database.  I also am adding some basic widgets.  Now lets take a look at what has been added/changed to the now playing view.

Album art scaling/positioning options:  
Included a new option that lets you choose from 5 different settings. 
You can access this in Preferences -> Now Playing -> Album Art Scale Type

Fit End:

Fit Center: (How it used to be in older versions)


Center Crop:

Matrix:  (no images)

Also as you can see in the image above,  the track info does not make a bar across the screen anymore.

There is now an option to change tracks via gestures.  Swipe left to go to the next track, or swipe right to go to the previous track.  There is option to flip the directions as well.
Preferences -> Now Playing -> Enable Gestures
Preferences -> Now Playing -> Reverse Direction

One other thing that is not in the now playing view, but I took a screenshot of it anyway so I might as well include it.

Album Info In Song List View:
There is an option to show the album info when digging down into an album's track list.
Preferences -> Library -> Song Library -> Show Album Info
Note: The auto downloading still applies to this view, however embedded art will not show up currently