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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 19

Alpha 19 marks the end of the alpha barring any major bugs.  All future updates will be via the google play store.  I will post when the beta has started with instructions on how to sign up.  I am planning for the beta to start right around the start of the new year.  I want to give this alpha some time to get tested since I will have to remove the main bug reporting tool before posting on google play due to the GDPR.  Google play does have its own bug reporting but its not as good as fabric.

Art Updates I made some improvements to the art searches and also updated the scanner to run an auto search if no artwork is detected on the device.  To prevent hammering the search providers, I limited the queries to 1 artist/album a second, so large collections will take a long time to fully populate the art.
App Shortcuts Android 7.1 (i think) added the ability to add app shortcuts to the icon on the homescreen.  GMMP now has 3.  Play, Shuffle All, and Search.  Play and Shuffle all allow contr…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 18

Artist Art Alpha 18 adds the ability to search for artwork for artist and album artists.  I added in 3 internet based artist artwork sources and also added 2 more album artwork sources.  Selecting 'Artist Art' from the context menu will now bring up the artist art selector UI.  

Items in the art selector now have a 3 dot menu with 2 options.  Select and Preview.  Select will choose that image for the artist/album/album artist.  Preview will pop up the image in a bigger display.  This helps with picking the best quality image.  Right now only one of the art apis actually returns the resolution of the image, so the preview is the best way to make sure you are picking the right image.

The artist and album artist detail views now will also show the artwork if present.

New Library Item Layouts Since artists have imagery now, it made sense to add a grid view.  In the process of adding that I ended up adding a few more options and redid the view mode menu to make it less cumbersome.…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 17

Alpha 17 brings 2 fairly significant additions/improvements: sort tags and auto dj

Improved Sorting GMMP's scanner will now read 4 new tags: Artist Sort Order, Album Sort Order, Album Artist Sort Order, and Composer Sort Order.  The tag editor has been updated accordingly.  For users who have files with multiple artists/composers/etc, the sort order tags work in the same way.  If your artist tag has 3 artists semi-colon delimited, the artist sort tag should also have 3 sort orders semi-colon delimited (see 4th image below).

Sorting is always improved by the return of the ignore prefix feature.  This is available to the majority of the lists and by default will ignore 'A' and 'The' prefixes.  In the 3.0 beta I will open this up to customization.  To use these 2 new sorting methods, I added a sub menu under the sort menu named 'Modifier' (if anyone has a better name for this feel free to email me or post in the forums).  The idea behind the sort modifiers is …

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 16

Filters GMMP now has the ability to add filters to existing views to customize what shows in an existing view/tab.  Under the hood they are just smart playlist rules that get added to the regular library query.  Right now I have only added 2 filters, but in the beta there will be a way to add your own filters.  The 2 filters are "Hide Podcasts" and "Hide Audiobooks" (to go along with the new audioview library view).  These filters are off by default since they can slow down the database queries a bit (depending on the size of your library), but they are useful to completely separate your music from your podcast/audiobooks.  You can also now set specific paths for your audiobooks / podcasts in the scanner settings.

Embedding Album Art The tag editor can now embed album art into your tags.  Single files / songs can have art embedded and so can entire albums.  I've also restored the "Prefer embedded art" setting.

Lyric Editor The tag editor also will le…


It looks like over time android auto decided to change the way it sends its voice searches to music players so I pushed a new update that should improve playing by album, artist, and genre

2.2.23 (10/16/2019):
-Improved voice searching when search type is not defined (android auto does not define the type)

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 15

Alpha 15 adds the ability to cast to any device that supports the cast api (like the chromecast).  This also marks the completion of the last major feature from 2.x that was missing.  There are still a few smaller capabilities (outside of customizations) that are missing, but those are not nearly as much work as the major features. 

GMMP now implements the cast api 3.0, so this means the volume rocker will now change the cast volume..... sometimes.  On my one test device it seems to random change what volume it is controlling.  I will look into this further and hopefully have a solution for the next alpha.

One thing to note is that since I ended up updating some of the libraries, it really messes up the UI until you either clear the cache or change the theme.  I put a check in to manually reset the theme if upgrading from a previous alpha to this one and it seemed to fix things on the device I tested on, however if the UI basically looks like its split in half and the colors are all o…