Saturday, September 17, 2011

0.26 Beta now available on the android market

With the addition of widgets, I have decided my app is ready for the masses.  I will be doing a free beta period of roughly one month

I discussed the improvements to now playing in this post.  The other change I wanted to discuss was the improved playlist management.  Playlist files are now scanned in along with your music files.  A list of every playlist file is available through Playlist View -> Menu -> Manage Playlists.  Loading and deleting playlists is now done here.  Long press will give you a list of options you can do for each file (Play, Play Next, Enqueue, Save To, and Delete).  "Save to" essentially takes your active playlist and saves it to the selected file.

Screenshots are at the bottom.

Market Link

NOTE: You must uninstall the alpha first before trying to install the beta from the market.  So if you rated me 1 star for it not installing properly, please adjust that rating accordingly (I'm fine with 1 stars if you don't like the app)

0.26 (09/17/11):
Initial Beta Release

-Added gesture support to now playing (right fling = prev, left fling = next)
    (Preferences->Now Playing->Enable Gestures)
-Added option to reverse gesture directions (Preferences->Now Playing->Reverse Direction)
-Switched auto album art download service from google to bing
-Slightly modified the look of NowPlaying
-Added option to choose album art scaling and positioning (Preferences->Now Playing->Album Art Scale Type)
-Added "No Repeat" option for playlist shuffle that will prevent a track from repeating until every
    track in the playlist has been played or the playlist is modified. (Defaulted on)
-Added transition animations when switching between views
-The user is now prompted to scan for music during the first run after install
-Added auto scan option for periodic scanning (Preferences->Scanner->Menu->Auto Scan)
-Added clean database option to remove missing files (Preferences->Scanner->Menu->Clean Database)
-Improved playlist management:
    -Scanner will find playlists and store them in a database
    -The playlist view now has a "Manage Playlists" option which brings up another view showing every playlist
    -From this new view you can play, play next, enqueue, save to, or delete the playlist
-Added option to view album info when viewing an albums song list.  Artist, Album, Year, and Album Art will show
    above the song list (Preferences->Library->Song Library->Show Album Info)
-Added 2x1 widget with basic playback controls and 2x2 widget with song info and album art
-Changed around some of the default preferences to help out new users
-Added help button in preferences which links to the gmmp website
-Removed "scan filename only" checkbox in the scanner
-Album art file locations now stored in database during file scan

-Fixed crash when pressing the delete option in the playlist and no playlists existed
-Fixed potential memory leaks in the MusicService
-Fixed bug where pressing next/prev track while paused would not change tracks
-Fixed bug where the last song in a playlist would stop slightly before the end
-Fixed crash restoring browser state

The 2x2 and 2x1 widgets

New view that lets you manage playlist files better