Sunday, December 30, 2012

New feature banner

Along with the icon update, I figured the feature banner on google play needed to be updated.  So here is a preview of that.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1.4 Release Candidate

GMMP is now going into a heavy testing phase that will last a week or 2, so get the translations updated sometime during that period.  If you would like to see the updated translations in the app before the final release send me an email and i'll do a custom build for you.

Release Candidate:

Download RC1

Classic Red
Classic Dark Blue
Holo Black and White
Holo Green
Holo Dark Blue
Holo Red
Holo Orange
Holo Yellow
Holo Purple

The images below show the customization now possible for now playing

1.4 RC1:
-Fixed crash in 4.2 when trying to play back certain mp3 files
-Selecting a smart playlist will now follow the "Playlist - Play on Select" preference
-Updated Spanish and Italian translations
-Fixed some instances where the seekbar would return to its original position for a split second right after seeking
-Fixed jump to playing folder when "Start In Playing Folder" is disabled
-Fixed some issues when trying to save tags to a currently playing track
-Smart playlist text rules are now case insensitive for = and !=
-Fix for some m4a files playing fast
-Added 3GP support for android 4.0+
-Added backup/restore for playcounts/ratings (Prefs -> General -> Backup)
-Fixed some crashes when using external skins on motorola devices
-Fixed fade out when crossfade is not possible when eq is disabled
-Fixed issues crossfading to or from a song shorter than the crossfade time
-The shuffle option in the context menu will now randomize the selection instead of turning on shuffle playlist

1.4 Beta 5 (12/19/12)
-ASC and DESC now work properly in smart playlists
-Added completely customizable metadata lines for now playing
-Fixed order by crash in smart playlists
-Fixed issue where decreasing the volume using a gesture would change the volume 2 steps instead of 1
-Fixed jump to playing folder bug when the playing song is in the root folder
-Fixed bug in file browser that would prevent you from going back to the previous folder

Sunday, December 16, 2012

200,000 total downloads! + A look at advanced metadata customization

Today GMMP reached the 200k download mark on google play.  Quite an awesome feat for around 16 months of being on the market.

I like to include screen shots in my posts so here are some screens of the advanced customization options for now playing that I am working on.  When choosing the displayed tags, you will now be presented with custom options along with all the presets.  Each custom line will let you choose an icon and custom text to display.  

So if you wanted to have one line show Track Number. Artist (Rating), you would enter in:
%tn%. %ar% (%ra%)

It looks a bit complicated but I imagine the type of user who wants this level of customization will have no issue with it.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

1.4 Beta 4 - Ratings + Smart Playlists

Smart playlists are finally here.  There will be one more update before it will be released on the play store and amazon.

The last update will contain:
-Some default smart playlists like last played and recently added
-A way to persist ratings / playcounts when doing a reinstall or clear the database
-Advanced customization to the metadata in now playing.  Example: %trackno%) %artist% - %trackname%  would display 1) Artist - Trackname on a single line
-Improved resampling and support for sample rates higher than 48khz
-Updated skins

Smart playlists are saved to a file located in /sdcard/gmmp/smart, so they only need to be created once and can be copied to another device

Download 1.4 Beta 5
Forum Thread


1.4 Beta 4:
-Added smart playlists
-Search will now AND each word instead of searching for the whole string ("all that" = "all" AND "that")
-Shuffle cancellation enabled by default for play next and enqueue
-Added song ratings
-Changed the default slot 4 tag to rating (was genre before)
-Merged 1.3.21/1.3.22 fixes
-Improved tag writing performance
-Improved loading speed of embedded album art
-Shuffle removed as a context menu option for all song view
-Headset/bluetooth media controls (next/prev/rrwd/ffwd/stop) can be assigned custom actions
-Changed playlist to queue in classic blue/silver skins
-Updated status icons
-Minor adjustments to the scanner layout to display better on smaller screens
-Added Date Added and Last Played to the database
-Scanner now populates date added when scanning
-Last played and playcount are now updated when a song finishes playing
-Changed default single tap gesture to do nothing
-Removed gradient backgrounds to tag editor, scanner, about, whats new, compatibility, error log, help, image selection, and widget setup views
-Fixed bug that would cause nothing to happen when attempting to play a file from an external file browser
-Fixed bug caused by selecting add to playlist from now playing when no song was playing/shown


It might be another few weeks before 1.4 hits the play store so here is a minor update fixing some minor issues.  The x86 version is also now updated (was still on 1.3.20 before)

1.3.22 (12/15/2012):
-Fixed bug where the playlist view wouldnt update after removing a song
-Fixed some crashes caused by bad audio files
-Fixed context menu for filename search results
-Fixed image selector crash when selecting gallery on a device without an image viewer

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A look at smart playlists

I've just about finished up the smart playlist editor.  It is fairly straight forward and should be really easy to create complex playlists.

As of right now there are 15 different categories you will be able to use to create the playlists.


Saturday, December 1, 2012


There hopefully will be no more issues with mp3s playing back in slow motion.  I stared at the mpeg header spec for about 4 hours last night and I believe the code should now skip over invalid headers when trying to find the properties (sample rate / channel count) of an mp3 file.

1.3.21 (12/1/2012):
-Fixed issue where mp3 header information was not properly being read causing slow/fast playback
-If a file does not have an artist tag but does have an albumartist tag, the scanner will use the albumartist tag for both
-Fixed potential crash when updating notification with low memory
-Updated czech translation