Saturday, March 11, 2017


2.2.1 (03/09/2017):
-Fixed crash when executing a search with nothing but blank spaces
-New m4a decoder is now available to lollipop devices
-Fixed issue loading embedded album art when the "prefer embedded art" option was off
-Effects view now shows the correct effects when the custom audioengine is disabled
-Fixed crash on the Lenovo A6000 when raising volume above the "safe media volume"
-Other various fixes

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2.2 Released - Android Auto support & On Sale for $0.99 USD through March 12th

2.2 is finally ready to go.  Major updates were the additional of Android Auto support, a new m4a decoder (a lot of devices shipped their 6.0+ updates with broken opensl decoders, which gmmp previously used for m4a playback), and a lot of voice search improvements.  Also included are a few nice bug fixes that should improve stability.

One other thing to note is GMMP 2.2 (and 3.0 hopefully later this year) requires an android device running at least 5.0 or higher.  5.0+ represents about 80% of the active installs, so it was time to increase the minimum to take full advantage of the newer apis.

This is the playback screen when in landscape 

Menu options

More menu options (Artists, Albums, and Genres are off by default but can be enabled by turning on the Full Android Auto Access option)

Queue with the icon next to the current playing track

Playlists menu combines both smart playlists and playlist files

All Artists

Auto has the option to filter by letter


View when outside of the music player in Auto.  It has widgets for each auto app

2.2.0 (03/02/2017):
-Added Android Auto support
-Added Full Android Auto Access option in Prefs -> Library to allow access to all artists, albums, and genres
-Added new m4a/aac decoder to replace opensl on android 6.0+
-Added support for .oga extension (ogg audio)
-Added support for opus files with the .ogg or .oga extension

-Voice search refactoring/improvements
-More voice search accuracy improvements
-Added genre voice search
-Added unstructured voice search support
-Refactored data access layer
-Audiofocus is now persisted if the music service is restarted by the OS
-Playback will no longer auto resume after audiofocus loss (always play on plugin is not affected by this)
-Unlocker validation moved to the MusicService
-Updated crashlytics to 2.6.6
-Updated translations
-Improved sample rate, channel count, and duration detection
-GMMP should no longer auto resume when regaining audiofocus after a full loss (like using another player to play audio)
-Upgraded Glide to 3.7.0
-GMMP will now attempt to free up memory when the OS requests it

-The full length audio file associated with a cue will no longer show in the library views
-Fixed audioengine crash when changing tracks multiple times in a short period of time
-Fixed memory leak
-Other various minor bug fixes

-Removed support for kitkat and below
-Removed any code specific to kitkat or below
-Removed music service timeout (interferes with a lot of functionality)