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m4a fix (1.1.5)

It was brought to my attention today that many of the m4a files downloaded from iTunes Match were not playing in GMMP.  I found the issue and pushed out a patch to fix it.

Preferences Explained

There are many options in GMMP that might be confusing since there is limited room in the app itself to give a good explanation.  Here is a detailed explanation of every preference available.

Updated: 1/2/11

Edit Scan Paths:  Create a list of paths where all your music is stored.  If your specific path is not found when clicking 'Browse Storage', simply enter the path in manually into the edit box and click add.

Edit Ignore Paths: List folders you specifically want the scanner to ignore.  Anything in this directory will not show up in any of the library views.

Delete database before scan:  Wipes the entire database before running a scan.  This option is not typically needed but is present in case the user wants to start fresh without having to uninstall then reinstall.

Only scan new files:  If this is enabled, any file that was already scanned into the database will be automatically skipped over.  If you are using an external tagger to retag your music, disable this option …

Tasker integration + more fixes (1.1.4)

I had received a request to support Tasker's  %MTRACK variable.  In 1.1.4 I not only added support for %MTRACK, but also added custom variables for album (%MALBUM), artist(%MARTIST), and track number (%MTRACKNO).  Turn on task integration by going to Preferences -> General -> Tasker Integration.  The only other change besides bug fixes is the file browser will now ignore case when sorting folders/files alphabetically.

This will most likely be the last update of the year since I am taking some time off for the holidays

1.1.4 (12/21/2011):
-Sorting in the file browser is now case insensitive
-Added Tasker integration.  Populates the following variables: %MTRACK %MARTIST %MALBUM %MTRACKNO
-Fixed crash when advancing to the next track with a remote control
-Fixed crash when deleting a file fails
-Fixed issue where album art would not write to disk which prevented the album art from showing in widgets
-Caught exception that can be thrown when unregistering the UIContr…

1.1 patches + sale extension

The 75% off sale has been extended through sunday 12/18.  Grab it while its cheap.

Throughout the week I pushed out 3 minor patches.  Changelog is below.

1.1.3 (12/16/2011):
-Fixed crash that could occur when receiving a phone call
-Long press of playlist button will launch the manage playlist view
-Moved widget button handling to a background thread to hopefully reduce the amount of ANRs
-Updated german translation
-Improved recognition of storage folders for "Browse Storage" in the scanner
-Playlist edit mode is now persistent

1.1.2 (12/12/2011):
-Fixed some compatibility issues with 2.2 and 4.0 devices
-Gapless playback is now enabled by default
-Headset/remote controls are now enabled by default
-Preamp and balance now scroll with the other equalizer bands

1.1.1 (12/11/2011):
-Updated german translation
-Changed list items in artist/album/genre views to use translations
-Changed 'On Select (Playing)' preference's default value to 'play' instead of …

1.1 is now released and 75% off on the android market for a limited time.

1.1 contains some major updates and new features including a lockscreen player, search view, and a customizable gesture system.  Since the android market is running a massive sale in celebration on 10 billion market downloads, I thought I would join in.  GMMP will be 99 cents until the sale ends.  It may take a little while for the price change to show up.

Most of the new features are fairly straightforward besides the new gesture system.  The gesture system allows you to bind an action to a gesture.  The gestures include: Single tap, double tap, fling left/right/up/down, and long press.  These gestures are done in the now playing window where the song info and album art is shown.  The bindable actions are as follows: None, Play Next Track, Play Previous Track, Play Next Folder, Play Previous Folder, Toggle Media Controls, Toggle Shuffle, Toggle Repeat, Seek Forward, Seek Back, Play/Pause, Show Volume Dialog, Volume Up, Volume Down, Jump To Time, and Sleep Timer

GoneMAD Music Player 1.…

1.1 Beta 2 Posted

I decided to push back some of the remaining tasks to future versions in order to get 1.1 released faster. Beta 2 contains a search feature plus some other minor changes.  There are still plenty of reported bugs that need to get fixed, so that will be my focus until 1.1 is released.

Download link is available in the forums.

Post any bugs/issues in the forums.

1.1 Beta 2:
-Added search capabilities
-Added 12pt font size to the now playing font size list
-Added new gesture actions: Show Volume Dialog, Vol Up, Vol Down, Jump To Time, and Sleep Timer
-Added preference to turn off skipping albums when long pressing next/prev.
    (Preferences -> Now Playing -> Skip Folder On Long Press)

-Menu button is now disabled on lockscreen

1.1 Beta 1 posted for testing

I am 75% of the way through coding 1.1 and I wanted to put up a beta version to get the bugs found early.

This beta includes:
-lists exclude 'the' when sorting
-lock screen (works on 2.0 and higher)
-ability to delete files/folders from browser
-stop music service after idle for 5 min
-changeable font size for now playing + optional icons to replace artist/album/genre/track text
-long press of next / prev will change folders
-customized gesture controls
-option to crossfade when gapless data is missing
-traditional back button support
-4x4 widget
-sleep timer

Once I finish the remaining features plus any bug fixes, I will post another beta version before pushing 1.1 to the market.

The download link is posted in the forums