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2.0.28 and looking forward

GMMP has been around for 5 years now and a large portion of the codebase was written back in the android 1.x - 2.x days when the android apis were not very mature and there was no compatibility library.  I've done my best to update the code as new versions of android, but alas moving forward is going to be quite difficult with the current codebase / design.  Fortunately gmmp's audioengine and data layer are pretty solid so they dont need much rework.  So what I would like to do is do a large refactor / cleanup of most of gmmp's backend code (like intent receivers) and more importantly start working on a new UI from scratch.  GMMP's current UI is really just a reskinned version of the original UI i wrote years ago and jamming more new features into that just isnt going to work very well.   A new UI will allow me to design something that works well for all of GMMP's existing features and can work for a lot of the future planned features.  Plus with the support librar…