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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 6: Dynamic Theme

The theme engine gmmp uses (aesthetic) was deprecated by its developer, so I decided to completely take it over and reworked it to better suit gmmp.  Performance is improved and everything should get themed immediately instead of after the UI loads (on slower devices you could see the colors change, but it wasnt really noticeable on better devices).  One of the big reasons for all of this was the main new feature of beta 6, dynamic theming.
The dynamic theme is on by default and will choose theme colors based off album or artist artwork.

Under the advanced settings, you will have more fine grained control over how the dynamic theme works.  The top 3 options control which parts of the UI get themed.  Now playing is self explanatory, grid items is for the album, artist, and album artist grid list, and other is for the rest of the UI.  The last 2 settings control the color selection.  Use single color will pick a single color from the artwork, and create 3 different shades of that color fo…
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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 5

The equalizer got some needed work in beta 5.  I added the ability to add, save, and delete presets.  You now can manually enter gain values for each band.  Just long press the dB text and there will be a popup to manually enter a value.  I also readded the ability to use external dsps and open the stock audio settings ui (if your phone has one) straight from GMMP.

Beta 5 was pushed to google play tonight but will take a few days to get approved just like the last 2 updates.

3.0 Beta 5 (2020-04-23):

-Long pressing the equalizer gain text will let you type in an exact value
-Added menu option to open the device's built in audio effect UI if present
-Added menu option to enable external dsps to the equalier view
-Added optional 2nd parameter to $rating that takes a minimum rating value to show stars
-Made updating now playing metadata more efficient
-The text in the song info popup can now be copied
-Long press imported custom metadata to delete
-Added some extra custom metada…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 4

I will keep this update short and sweet.  Beta 4 adds tons of new functions (and a few more variables) to now playing and I was able to address most of the playlist performance issues.  The playlist details view now is a paginated list (only loads chunks of 50 at a time), and removed some of the file validation.  A 25k playlist file that used to take 17 seconds to play should now play in 3-4 seconds.

The custom metadata forum post will be updated with all the new capabilities shortly

Here are some screenshots of the new $rating function which will take the rating variable %ra% and change it into a starred rating.

3.0 Beta 4 (2020-04-07):


-Added custom metadata variables for skipcount, playcount, queue position, queue size, and filesize
-Added a bunch of new custom metadata functions: arithmetic, logic, control flow, and text manipulation
-Added $rating to format %ra% into stars
-The color tag for cu…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 3

Now Playing Customizations Beta 3 ads a lot more customization to now playing and has a new default layout (2).  The customize menu now contains some new entries: Buttons, Background (layout 2 only), Album Art (layout 2 only), and Time Remaining

A new row of 6 buttons was added below the album art.  These new buttons, the fab, and the 4 bottom row buttons besides play/pause can all be changed.  The following video shows how button customization works.
Background style options:

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 2

3.0 Beta 2 adds some more now playing customizations.

New Now Playing Layout I added the ability to choose between 2 different now playing layouts.  The original layout has been tweaked so the album art no longer gets cropped.

As you can see from the above screen shot, there is a lot more empty space on some phones.  I have plans for a future beta to add more optional "quick action" buttons to take advantage of the extra real estate.  You can also customize the metadata displayed to show more lines (see next section).

The new layout is a bit more dynamic in the sense that it will resize things to fit.  The album art does not stretch to the edges of the UI and sits underneath the top toolbar.  Right now layout 2 is not customizable, but in beta 3 I plan on adding the ability to change the background (solid color, album art background, or blurred album art background), change how the main art is rendered (off, square, rounded corners, circle), change album art backgrounds dar…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 1

I just pushed 3.0 beta 1 to the play store and it should be available to download in the next few hours.  Anyone that was part of the 2.x beta should still be in the 3.0 beta.  For anyone else there are instructions on how to join the beta here:

I created a new thread on the forums for the beta, so please post feedback there:

3.0 Beta 1 (2020-01-01):

Complete rewrite besides the audioengine.  See about -> changelog for all 3.0 Alpha changes

New since Alpha 19:
-Auto art search triggered on 3.0 upgrade
-Show trial dialog on first startup if unlocker is not installed
-Scanner will now remove missing artist art during cleaning
-Random track is added to queue on initial scan
-Added new artwork section of the settings and added options for auto download and wifi only downloading
-Set artist and albumartist view type default to Grid
-Added x86_…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 19

Alpha 19 marks the end of the alpha barring any major bugs.  All future updates will be via the google play store.  I will post when the beta has started with instructions on how to sign up.  I am planning for the beta to start right around the start of the new year.  I want to give this alpha some time to get tested since I will have to remove the main bug reporting tool before posting on google play due to the GDPR.  Google play does have its own bug reporting but its not as good as fabric.

Art Updates I made some improvements to the art searches and also updated the scanner to run an auto search if no artwork is detected on the device.  To prevent hammering the search providers, I limited the queries to 1 artist/album a second, so large collections will take a long time to fully populate the art.
App Shortcuts Android 7.1 (i think) added the ability to add app shortcuts to the icon on the homescreen.  GMMP now has 3.  Play, Shuffle All, and Search.  Play and Shuffle all allow contr…