Wednesday, June 26, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 10a/10b

3.0 Alpha 10a (06/26/19):

Updated manifest to maybe help gmmp show up as a default music player... maybe

Playing albums/artists/etc from a smart playlist detail view should now only play tracks that match the smart playlist rules
Fixed some smart playlist crashes

3.0 Alpha 10b (06/30/19):

Added sort by rating to track list and album details view

Fixed album artist list from showing all artists


Friday, June 21, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 10

Album art downloading has now be readded back to gmmp in alpha 10.  The process should much easier to deal with compared to 2.x.  Now all possible images are shown at once in an image grid similar to the album list view.  

Text under each image will give more explanation.  If the image is local to your device, it will say either "Current Image", "In Folder", or "Embedded" depending on where gmmp found the image.  After that it will show various resolution images found online.  Very large will be the full resolution, Large is 1000x1000, Medium 800x800, and Small is 600x600.  Select a new image for the album and the rest of the UI will update to reflect the new album art.

Another significant capability added in Alpha 10 is the ability to set the top level view used for smart playlists (referred to in the UI as "group by".  You can now set the top level to be Album, Album Artist, Artist, Composer, Genre, or Track.

The following images will show the same smart playlist, but with different "group bys" chosen.  One thing to note is the "order by" only applies to the track list, the other top levels will be sorted by the sorting options in the toolbar.

3.0 Alpha 10 (06/21/19):

-Added album art selector
-Added sort menu to smart details
-Added album art preloading for album lists
-Added 'group by' option for smart playlists.  This sets the top level when viewing the playlists


-New smart playlists will default to matching all rules
-Improved preformance on actions involving a large number of tracks
-Changed a lot of the internal handling of album artist so please report any album artist related issues if they pop up
-Improved search performance
-Removed crossfade when loading images in album list views
-Improved image caching
-Album Artist list sort/view mode is now separate from the Artist list view


Fixed library tab menus not loading correctly
Fixed sorting by album artist in smart playlists
Fixed crash in the search ui
Fixed list items refreshing when unchanged


Friday, May 31, 2019

3.0 Album Art Selector Preview

I've been working on the album art downloader and album art selector for the last few days and i wanted to show off the progress.  The album art search was completely rewritten using retrofit.  Its quite a nice library.  The old album art search was about 5 times as much code as the new version.  Its great how easy retrofit makes making web calls. 

Over the years gmmp has gone through a bunch of different album art search providers (google, bing, amazon, and itunes), but now all thats left is itunes.  Fortunately their api is very simple and it appears they auto scale their album art images based on the resolution you request.  Instead of returning a single image, the album search will now return 4 options: small (600x600), medium (800x800), large (1000x1000), and very large (largest size available on itunes.. usually 1600x1600ish).

Whats shown in the video below is just a rough cut at the album art selector

Friday, May 24, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 9

Alpha 9 brings the smart playlist editor.  It is still missing a few features I want to add but that will come later.  Its been about a month since the last release so I needed to get this out there.  There are a few new things in smart playlists compared to 2.x.  You can now make rules based off skipcount and composer.  You also can link to another smart playlist.  Linking will essentially import all the rules into your current playlist.

The 2 remaining major smart playlist capabilities that will be coming in the future is the ability to do advanced rule logic through rule groups and the ability to set the top level of the smart playlist (albums, artists, tracks, etc).  I may get to them in the next alpha, but for now I am going to be changing priorities and focusing on the album art downloading and art selector.  Those should be fairly straight forward compared to the smart playlist features.

Note: be careful if you use any of the new capabilities and plan on returning back to 2.x.  I do not know how 2.x will handle a smart playlist file with a link or if it references skipcount / composer

3.0 Alpha 9 05/24/2019:


Added smart playlist editor
Added menu option to create new smart playlist
Added sort options for the smart playlist list view
Added save queue menu option
Added ability to reference/link other smart playlists in a smart playlist

Fixed library tab menus not loading correctly


Friday, May 10, 2019

3.0 Smart Playlist Editor Preview

Just wanted to show a video of the current state of the smart playlist editor.  I'm hoping to have alpha 9 finished by the end of the next week but it may take a little longer.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 8

This update is mostly fixes unfortunately but I did add a UI customization that I think a lot of users should like.  The ability to add/remove library views and change their order.

Since I added full composer support, I did not want to add a composer tab to everyones UI when I know it is not a commonly used tag, so I made this view order customization a priority.

3.0 Alpha 8 04/17/2019:

-Added skip count (advancing when less than 25% played for now, will be configurable in the future)
-Skip count now available in smart playlists
-Skip count added to song info dialog
-Disc number added to the tag editor for folders
-Added full composer support including composer view
-View order customization option to the library view.  Can choose the tabs and the order

-Improved finding files in playlists

-Fixed a bunch of issues in smart playlists with random sort order
-Smart playlists should now be listed in alphabetical order
-Fixed artist delete context menu option
-Album details can now change view mode
-Fixed album details when filtering by artist
-Floating action button should now hide correctly when scrolling short lists
-Add to playlist floating action button will now hide when scrolling down
-Fixed issue with reordering tracks in a playlist
-Fixed crash in the smart list view

3.0 Alpha 8a:
-Fixed scanner not associating composers with albums
-Fixed some crashes


Thursday, March 21, 2019


Pushed a new 2.x patch.  The automatic album art download ended up broken due to amazon's album art search no longer working.  I switch things to use the other album art source, so that functionality should be restored.  Additionally there was still some issues with ogg album art that were fixed as well.

2.2.21 (03/21/2019):
-Fixed some more album art issues
-Fixed automatic album art downloads