Friday, November 6, 2015

Slow rollout of 2.0.15 (4.4+)

I'm doing a slow rollout of the next update.  It'll start with 20% and increase from there if there are no issues.  There have been a few breaking bugs in previous update attempts so I am being overly cautious.

Here is the list of changes since 2.0.7:

Note 2.0.8 and 2.0.9 do not exist... I reserved those numbers for emergency updates while i work on 2.1 but with the release of android M, it was easier to just clean up the current betas and roll them out to the public

2.0.15 (10/31/2015):
-Fixed distortion caused by 2.0.14

2.0.14 (10/30/2015):
-Fixed crash caused by changing the tempo with pitch correction on
-Audioengine performance improvements

2.0.13 Beta (10/16/2015):
-Fixed crash when playing some low bitrate WMAv9 files
-Fixed issue on Moto X Pure where nothing would play
-Fixed Current time and total time not displaying in now playing on tablets running android M

2.0.12 Beta (10/01/2015):
-Fixed issue with shuffle queue not looping with a single track in the queue
-Updated taglib to 1.10 beta
-Removed some deprecated audioengine related libraries

2.0.11 Beta (09/20/2015):
-Removed deprecated apache http code and replaced it with OkHttp
-Updated to build tools 23.0.1 and sdk 23
-Updated android support libraries to 23.0.x
-Updated google play services libraries to 7.8.x
-Fixed crackling issue in crossfade and high/highest eq settings
-Fixed issue loading audioengine on Android M

2.0.10 Beta (09/07/2015):
-Added support for less common wav encodings and 32/64bit wav
-Updated nearly all of the audio codecs
-Audioengine consolidation
-Audioengine is now built with NDK 10e
-Removed ARMv5 support

Thursday, November 5, 2015

GMMP development is still alive

I was just looking at the main page of this blog and realized there have been no new posts since july.  Anyway GMMP is still in development and there should be an update for 4.4+ devices within the next week (its 4.4+ only due to a bug reintroduced by google in their support library that will crash some older samsung devices.. which hopefully gets resolved).  Its nothing major, mostly audioengine improvements.  The reason things have been so slow is due to 2 pretty bad bugs I ran into when updating the engine.  2 months was probably spent just fixing these issues, but hopefully that is in the past and things will be smooth from here on out.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

2.0.5 - 2.0.7

2.0.7 marks the last planned update for the 2.0.x series and I plan on starting work on 2.1 by mid july.  The initial focus on 2.1 will be the audioengine.  2.0 was a big upgrade in the UI department, so now is the time to upgrade whats under the hood.  There still should be some UI improvements like the often requested grid views as well.

2.0.7 (06/28/2015)
-Fixed issue where the UI gets in a messed up state if now playing is set as the starting view and a gesture is used to jump to any of the non library/folder views
-Fixed repeat one with cue files

2.0.6 (06/05/2015)
-Fixed issue with embbedded art not getting recognized without the "prefer embedded art" setting enabled
-Fixed crash in the lyrics view
-Fixed other various crashes

2.0.5 (06/03/2015)
-Fix for cue files not loading

Monday, June 1, 2015

2.0.4 + Lyrics for Android support

Just pushed the next update to the play store.  Besides the album art related fixes, GMMP now also includes support for the brand new lyric app from JRTStudio (isyncr/rocket player dev) called Lyrics for Android:

Using lyrics for Android with GMMP will now allow you to search the internet for lyrics without ever leaving GMMP

2.0.4 (06/02/2015)
-Fixed issue with updating the lyric view after the track changes
-Added support for lyrics for android.  Lyrics can now be shown within GMMP instead of an external app
-Fixed issue where album art would not properly show on the lockscreen
-Fixed issue where total time in the queue showed as 0:00
-The scanner's folder select view will now color the folder icon of every folder the scanner will scan
-Sorting all songs by track number now uses track name as the secondary sorting field
-Fixed a bunch of errors related to reusing recycled bitmaps (album art loading should improve)
-Re-wrote album art crossfading yet again.  It should be much more reliable now.
-Changes to the contents of the queue will now cancel action mode
-Fixed other various issues
-Updated translations

Thursday, May 7, 2015

2.0.3 Released

2.0.3 (05/06/2015):
-Fixed issue with 4x1 widget where it would not render correctly with album art disabled
-Fixed the accent color in the material black - indigo theme
-Slightly fixed the seekbar in android 5.1 in holo themes.  The progress bar can no longer be colored so it is now solid grey
-Scrobbler intent fix for isyncr
-GMMP is now listed as a default music player
-Fixed all songs issue when viewing all songs from Genre -> Artist
-Fixed multi select -> play next's behavior
-Added new jump to gesture actions: queue, playlists, effects, smart, and search
-Swipe navigation from now playing is now easier when gestures are disabled
-Updated glide to 3.6.0
-Fixed bug where the playlist view would not refresh after saving the queue
-Changing album art of the playing song will now update the lockscreen background
-Reset trial
-Playback notifications are now set to public for android 5.0+
-Updated translations

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Reddit AMA 7PM on the 6th

Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know I will be doing a joint AMA on reddit tomorrow at 7PM EST with the shuttle dev.

In other news I should have some more fixes out in a day or 2.  2.0.3 will be going to beta sometime tonight.

Edit: updated link