Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Lets hope this is the last fix for awhile.  I had made a stupid mistake when updating to api level 27, but didnt see any issues testing on my devices so I thought nothing of it. 

2.2.15 (11/07/2018):
-Possible fix for music service being shut down when it shouldnt

Monday, November 5, 2018


Pushed some fixes for issues that popped up in 2.2.13

2.2.14 (11/06/2018):
-Fixed issue where widgets would stop updating after GMMP is killed
-Fixed audioengine crash related to the api level update
-Fixed deleting playlists on sdcard
-Added support for view file intents from tasker

Sunday, November 4, 2018

2.2.13 Released

Pushed a new update to google play and will update amazon shortly

2.2.13 (11/04/2018):
-Widget fixes on oreo and newer

2.2.12 Beta (11/01/2018):
-Fixed crash when certain external apps attempt to open an audio file in gmmp
-Another attempt at fixing issue saving changes after modifying an existing playlist
-External storage write access no longer requires only the root to be selected
-Expanded notifications now default to off
-Added more support for playing files from external file managers
-Updated API level to 27
-Added support for runtime permissions
-Reset resume on call end preference (due to permissions)
-Added RxJava and RxPermissions licenses
-Added notification channels for playback controls and the scanner
-FileScanService updated to use JobIntentService
-Set resizable flag to true which should improve multi window support

Sunday, October 14, 2018

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 5

The first cut at the tag editor is finally here.  Its still a bit rough but I have plans to address them in Alpha 6.  If this update messes up the colors, just swap your base theme.  I think the update to the androidx libraries messed up restoring your theme, but when it happened to me i just swapped the base theme to light and then back to dark and everything looked fine after that.

When loading up the tag editor, it will display the tags of the selected file, or in the case of an album / artist / genre, it will show the information from the first file in the list of files to edit.  In alpha 6, this will slightly change in cases where a certain field is not the same for all the files.  Instead of using the first file, it'll just keep that field blank.  When the save icon is pressed, a progress spinner will pop up.  While this dialog is up, gmmp will check to see which if the tags were changed in the editor, then create a bunch of jobs to do the tag editing.  Once the jobs are created and submitted, the dialog closes and the tag editor closes.  This is a nice change compared to 2.x where the progress spinner stays up until every single file is tagged.  The tagging and database updating will now just happen in the background.

The tag jobs are split up into 3 different types: tag updates, database updates, and database cleanup.  The database updates happen first, so the lists in gmmp should update pretty shortly after the tag editor closes.  In alpha 5, a few db updates are not fully implemented yet when updating single tracks, but I plan on addressing them in alpha 6.  Once the database changes are applied, the actual tags in the files get updated.  Finally there is a database cleanup that is ran that will remove empty artists and genres.

I plan on changing gears next and getting 2.x updated to comply with the api level 26 requirement google is requiring for app updates starting in november

3.0 Alpha 5 (10/14/18):


Added tag editor (improvements will be made in alpha 6)
Added ability to edit composer tag
Upgraded to androidx / jetpack libraries
Split artists selection in android auto into Album Artists and Artists
Added support to play files from external file browsers through the VIEW intent
Target API level is now 28


Due to a bug in the androidx preference library, the settings will have a large margin on the left.  This will be fixed whenever the library is updated

Removing songs from the queue will no longer mess up the current queue position
Playing/Add To Playlist for albums, artists, albumartist, and genres will now correctly use the sort order selected in the UI
Fixed recognizing the unlocker when 2.x is not installed
Fixed list items from updating when they are changed in the database
Fixed issue where Genre -> Album Artists would not show all album artists
Fixed crash syncing with the media library without having external storage access
Improved 'Various' AlbumArtist handling in the album list
Artist Details will now show albums that an artist has a track on but is not the album artist
Fixed other various crashes


3.0 Alpha 5a:

Improved content uri handling from extenral file managers
Fast scroll letter should now always match what is being displayed in the list
Fixed showing 'Various' when there is only a single album artist
Fixed issues showing the correct album under Genre -> Artist/AlbumArtist details

Edit 2:

3.0 Alpha 5b

Fixed scanner from creating duplicate album artists (delete database and rescan)
Fixed fast scroll not hiding
Fixed fast scroll in the album grid when having a large amount of albums


Sunday, September 30, 2018

3.0 WIP 22: Tag Editor

Its been a few weeks since I've posted anything so I thought I would do a quick update on the current progress.  Up until last week, I had made pretty good progress on the tag editor and file deletion, but i was waiting on google to release a stable version of some of their libraries.  They finally did that so I spent the last week upgrading 3.0 to use androidx/jetpack.  The only issue i am seeing so far is a fairly large left hand margin in the preference screen, but i will worry about fixing that later.

Most of the code for the tag editor and file deletion are already written, I just need to put all that code into jobs for the new WorkManager google introduced.

Here is the basic layout of the tag editor (still needs tweaking):

One other thing to note is i made some backend changes to the tagging code to support writing to the composer and lyrics tags, so I do plan on adding that to the UI sometime soon.

Realistically I think Alpha 5 should be ready in about 2 weeks. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 4

Not too much in this update due to a few factors.  I am going on vacation next week so I wanted to get what I had out there, and secondly my plan for the deleting playlist / file / folders capability uses something new from google that is still in alpha and would require me to upgrade pretty much all the android support libraries.  Android studio 3.2 has a built in option to auto convert to use their new jetpack components, however 3.2 is still a RC and I wasnt able to upgrade from 3.1 in an easy enough fashion to make it worth my time.

Deleting things in GMMP involves more than simply removing the file.  The database has to be cleaned up and the queue order / positioning needs to be adjusted to account for any removed files.  Since I did not want the user to have to sit there and wait with a spinner in front of the UI while all this happened, I plan on leveraging a new library from google called the WorkManager.  Delete jobs would be created and set off to the work manager to get done in the background.  Tag editing is also another thing that can be time consuming so I also planned on doing the same for that.  This will make mass deletions or mass tag edits much more user friendly.

I am expecting all the tools / libraries to be final in the next few weeks so that should make those features doable for alpha 5

Alpha 4 is mostly on search enhancements and a few bug fixes.

Feedback Forum Post:


Alpha 4 (08/28/18):

Added filename, folder, bookmark, and playlist file search categories
Added multi select options to search results
Search will now show text saying no results found when a search turns up empty
Song search results will have the song info option in the context menu
Added ability to give external storage write access
Re-added 'Restart On Skip Back' setting

Multi select should no longer refresh the entire list each time after an item is selected
Default playlist storage is now scanned
Fixed start scan setting in the simple settings
Fixed sorting in the playlist file list
Folder view no longer requires hitting the back button twice from the root view to return to previous view
Next audio source not always set correctly

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 3

Alpha 3 finally addresses one of the big missing features by adding a new search ui.  It is not 100% complete, but the majority of the functionality is there.  You now can search for artists, albumartists, albums, genres, and songs.  Alpha 4 will contain a few additions like searching folders, files, playlists, and bookmarks.  Similar to the 2.x, a live search (limited results) is executed as you type and clicking the search button will return the full result list.  As of right now the live search is limited to 5 results per category but there will probably be an option for that later on.  From the result list you can jump into any specific result to bring up their detailed ui, or play a song from the song list.

Search is also now accessibly via the search button in now playing and the library view (it is no longer in the side navigation like in 2.x).  I plan to also add it to the browser, playlist, and bookmark views once those searches are added.

In this update I also made some changes to the detail views.  They all now contain the mini player at the bottom.  The genre view also has an additional tab for album artists.

GMMP 3.0 Alpha 3 (08/08/2018):

Added initial search ui
Added jump to folder to jump to dialog
Long pressing shuffle in now playing will play a random album
Long pressing next/prev in now playing will play the next/prev album
Genre details view now has an Album Artists tab
Added mini player to album details view
Added mini player to artist details view
Added mini player to genre details view
Added mini player to playlist details view
Album name is now correctly set when scrobbling
Fixed some fast scrolling accuracy and queue auto positioning issues
File Browser will now correctly save and restore your position when changing folders

edit: Alpha 3a

GMMP 3.0 Alpha 3a (08-13-2018):

Fixed file browser crashes
Fixed other various crashes
Settings UI will reset on screen rotation to prevent some preference related crashes

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