Wednesday, August 13, 2014

GMMP 2.0 status update

Work on GMMP 2.0 has been underway for about a month and a half and I am making good progress.  GMMP was originally built in the froyo/gingerbread era so there is a lot of custom code i had to write that nowadays is handled by great 3rd party libraries.  I've made good progress bringing the code base up to date to the jelly bean / kitkat era, but still have a bunch more to do before I even begin with the UI redesign.
For those curious, yes GMMP 2.0 will follow the Material Design Guidelines.  I will do my best to still keep the existing holo skins in some form.  Switching development to android studio/gradle from eclipse will make skin maintenance much easier (build variants are awesome).

Monday, July 28, 2014


1.6.2 (07/25/14):
-Unlicensed copies of the unlocker are no longer accepted.  Update to the latest version of the unlocker or purchase a valid copy if you get an error.  In order to validate the license, you must be connected to the internet before opening GMMP.  Once validated the first time, an internet connection is no longer needed.  If all of this is done and you still run into issues with the unlocker, please contact with your order number and we will help resolve the issue.
-44100 sample rate is now shown in now playing as 44.1khz instead of 44khz
-Fixed notification art always using embedded image even when another image was chosen
-Fixed issue with the split view toggle button not able to be hidden
-Fixed crash in license check
-Fixed widget crash
-Modified how chromecast devices are detected to hopefully fix the issue of the cast menu option not showing up

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to get a logcat / system log to help with debugging an issue

Android 4.2+:

If you are rooted you can follow the instructions for 4.0.x and below.

Step 1: Reproduce the crash / issue with the app
Step 2: Enable developer options: Go to system settings -> about device -> click on "Build Number" roughly 7 times until you get a toast saying developer options are enabled.

adb tap build number seven times

Step 3:  Back out of About Device and Click on Developer Options
Step 4:  Find take bug report and click it.  If Take bug report is grayed out, you will need to check the "Enable USB Debugging" option to enable the bug report option
Step 5: Wait up to a few minutes for the bug report to generate, you will then be prompted to select an app to handle the bug report.  Select your email client / gmail.  (There may also be a notification saying the bug report was taken.. clicking on the notification will give you the prompt)
Step 6: Enter the email address to the dev you want to send the report to ( if you want to send it to us)
Step 7: Send email

Android 4.1:

Android 4.1 users cannot send logs unless they are rooted.  If they are rooted follow the instructions for 4.0.x and below.

Android 4.0.x and below

Step 1: Download an app named catlog from google play (  
Step 2: Reproduce the crash / issue with the app
Step 3: Open Catlog
Step 4: Hit menu -> send -> attachment
Step 5: Select your email client/gmail
Step 6: Enter the email address to the dev you want to send the report to ( if you want to send it to us)
Step 7: Send email

Friday, July 11, 2014

1.6.1 Released

This update has a bunch of new minor features. I also was able to test GMMP on Android L and it was completely broken, so I made a few critical fixes in this update.

Also from here on out the GMMP version number scheme is going to be slightly different.  In the i've used the 1.major.minor.revision model and since GMMP will be moving on to 2.x in the next big update, I wanted to make the version number a bit longer.  Major.minor.revision will be what is used now, so if there are any more patches before 2.0, it'll just be 1.6.2/1.63/etc instead of  Nothing too important, but knowing the versioning scheme can give you a better understanding of how big an update will be when released.

You will notice a new link on the right hand size labeled "All".  Use this if you do not know what type of CPU your device has.  The android installer will install the correct libraries for your device

1.6.1 (07/11/14):
-Added "default" on queue completion setting.  When the queue only contains 1 track, it'll act as "Play Next File", otherwise it acts as "Stop"
-Embedded lyrics view will now update when the track changes (only when opened from now playing)
-Previous track will now loop back to the end of the queue if On Queue Completion is set to Loop Queue, Default, or Stop
-Fixed "Backup failed.  Music source is null" error when backing up stats
-Added option to set default song rating when no rating is found in the tags (Prefs -> Scanner -> Default Rating)
-Added "Toggle Split View" to Prefs -> Now Playing -> Enabled Menu Options.  It is off by default and only available to devices that support split mode
-Chromecast volume can now be adjusted using Menu -> Volume in Now Playing
-Security fixes
-Close out old External DSP sessions before creating new ones (should improve external dsp reliability)
-Widget album art is now downsampled to fit the screen resolution if its too large
-Slighty reduced the chance of repeats when playing random albums
-Fixed other various crashes
-Updated translations
-Reset Google Analytics Opt-Out preference.  It was checked by default (meaning google analytics is disabled).  Now it is unchecked
-Initial Android L fixes to get the audioengine playing back audio.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Starting a scan via tasker

A scan can be started via tasker with a "run shell" command

Use the following line to run a scan:

am startservice -n gonemad.gmmp/.data.scanner.FileScanService -a gonemad.gmmp.filescanservice.auto_scan --ez show_notification true

or if you prefer adb

adb shell am startservice -n gonemad.gmmp/.data.scanner.FileScanService -a gonemad.gmmp.filescanservice.auto_scan --ez show_notification true

Friday, June 27, 2014

1.6.0 released - Adding Chromecast support + 50% off sale

This release finally brings Chromecast support to GoneMAD Music Player.  I've dropped the unlocker price to 1.99 for the weekend on google play.  Amazon will get the sale as well but it will be from saturday through monday (im trying a "price drop campaign" which wouldnt let me start it today).

1.6.0 (06/26/14):
-Added Chromecast support
-Added basic analytics
-Security improvements
-Split view is now available to more devices
-Added support for the ITUNESNORM tag (sound check)
-Added ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission for chromecast support
-Removed android.permission.READ_LOGS permission since its no longer being used
-Added option to send "Artist - Album" in the artist field over bluetooth (Prefs -> General -> Send Album With Artist)
-Added option to download all missing album art in the background.  (Prefs -> General -> Album Art -> Download Missing Art)
-If no album art, let metadata extend across the whole screen in landscape
-The queue will now reposition on track change as long as the user is not actively scrolling the list
-Auto remove trailing spaces in smart playlist rules
-Improved support for dates in cue files
-Improved seek bar positioning immediately after seeking
-Updated translations
-Correctly map id3 POPM rating tag to the right values
-Fixed queue always showing 0:00 for the current playing time
-Fixed last played stats in the backup
-Fixed issue where the album header would still show after backing out of an album
-Fixed a few issues when using Date Added Asc/Desc as the song sort order
-Handle issue where folder cannot be sorted correctly

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chromecast Preview

I'm hoping to get the first 1.6 out this weekend with chromecast support.  I had big plans for chromecast but so far all I have been able to get working is basic playback (no replaygain, crossfade, gapless, eq) which is all other players typically support anyway.   I still have some other things to try to get those other features to work over chromecast, so hopefully that works out.