Thursday, February 26, 2015

1.9.14 (2.0 Beta 5)

I just pushed beta 5 to google play.  At this point i will just be fixing bugs and maybe a minor tweak here or there to get 2.0 ready for public release.  Any of the previously remaining tasks have been moved over to the 2.1 todo list

1.9.14 (2.0 Beta 5) (02/25/2015):
-Renaming views now applies to the acitvity title
-Library sorting preferences have been reset
-Added fast scroll indexer to library views and playlist view
-Fixed issue where a song would only scrobble once when repeat one was enabled
-Another attempt at fixing playlists loading out of order when scrolling fast
-Fixed custom background art setting for holo themes (gradient selection was also removed)
-Fixed potential crash when crossfading album art
-Background color is now configurable (in the theme builder section)
-Added option to choose whether to show embedded art over manually selected album art (Prefs -> General -> Album Art -> Prefer embedded art)
-Added plus/minus buttons to the tempo adjustment dialog
-Fixed misc crashes / exceptions
-Added Portuguese(Brazil) translation

Saturday, January 31, 2015

1.9.13 (2.0 Beta 4)

Forgot to post this the other day.  Its looking like 2.0 is about one or 2 more beta releases away from being finished

1.9.13 (2.0 Beta 4) (01/29/2014):
-Added "Add To Playlist" to the queue
-Added "Rating" menu option to tracks in smart playlists
-Added error message if the x86 version of gmmp is ran on an ARM based device
-Added an option to do nothing when long pressing the shuffle button instead of playing a random track or album
-Added warning to delete database option in the scanner
-Added refresh option to the album art selection activity.  This will update the art if it was changed outside of GMMP
-Added option to hide shuffle/repeat buttons in now playing
-Embedded art for a track will now take priority over the art associated with the album in the database
-Improved performance when fast scrolling long playlists
-Updated glide, androidasync, materialedittext, and butterknife
-Updated translations
-Fixed issue where setting the starting view to now playing, and then right swiping to use the navigation drawer would result in multiple views being loaded at the same time overlapping
-Fixed dsp issues, so replaygain fix is now added back
-Security fixes

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1.9.11 (2.0 Beta 3)

I've been pretty busy with the holidays and my day job so Beta 3 is mostly bug fixes, but I added in a few new things that you guys have been requesting a lot.  Update will be live in a few hours.

1.9.11 (2.0 Beta 3) (01/14/2014):
-Added ability to set the starting view (Prefs -> UI -> Starting View)
-Swiping left/right on the mini player controls in material themes will now change tracks
-Added ability to reorder library views in material themes

-Readded the following intents: gonemad.gmmp.action.PLAY, gonemad.gmmp.action.PAUSE, gonemad.gmmp.action.STOP, gonemad.gmmp.action.TRACK_CHANGE
-Updated translations

-Fixed audio artifacts caused by a positive replaygain value
-Fixed %tn% in the widgets
-Fixed issue where highlighted song in the queue is incorrect after removing a track or randomizing
-Fixed issue where album art in widget disappears
-Widgets without album art can open GMMP by clicking anywhere on the widget (besides the buttons)
-Fixed issue where the scanner would skip certain folders
-Fixed issue where some views would not load immediately after changing themes
-Fixed issue where the same song repeats when casting
-Fixed sleep timer not working correctly after being used once
-Lockscreen controls will now correctly show the proper song name for cue files

Friday, December 26, 2014

1.9.9 (2.0 Beta 2) - Widget Overhaul

2.0 Beta 2 greatly improves the options for widgets.  Here is a list of what is customizable:

  • Colors (Currently limited to just black on white or vice versa)
  • Album art being shown
  • Background opacity
  • Font size (small / medium / large)
  • Number of buttons and you can configure each button (7 choices: playpause/fast forward/rewind/skip next/skip back/toggle shuffle/toggle repeat)
  • Playing info.  Widgets get 2-4 slots (depending on the size) that can be customized similar to the now playing custom slots.  The number is variables is not as extensive as now playing but there is a fairly good selection.

1.9.9 (2.0 Beta 2) (12/26/2014)
-Widget overhaul.  Added a bunch of new configuration options to the widgets.
-Added 'Clean Database After Scan' to scanner settings.

-Updated translations

-Removed "Push to start" on the widgets.  It is no longer needed
-Removed icon option in custom metadata lines since icons are no longer shown in now playing

-Fixed issue with the top of the UI being cutoff in fullscreen mode
-Fixed issue where the queue position would not properly update if GMMP was in the background or the lockscreen was active
-Fixed bug where drag and drop was still enabled after turning off edit mode in the queue
-Attempted a fix for issues with the hardware button on LG phones running 4.1
-Fixed another crash caused by crossfading album art

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

1.9.7 (Beta)

1.9.7 (12/09/2014):
-Overflow button is now wider
-Album art will now change instantly in now playing if the view is not active
-Fixed crash when crossfading album art
-Fixed smart playlist editor crash in holo themes
-Fixed crash in theme preview
-Fixed other various crashes
-Fixed holo nav bar when set to right or bottom
-Fixed nav bar background color in Holo Colored Action Bar themes
-Fixed 'return to now playing' in holo themes
-Potential fix for crashes on 4.2 and 4.3
-Added Korean translation
-Updated translations

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2.0 Beta 1 Released

2.0 has been in the works for about 5 months and I finally have something releasable.  There is still a lot more to do but its current state is good enough to use as a daily driver.  One downside to 2.0, is it requires Android 4.1 and higher.  The majority of GMMP users are 4.1+, so the decision was made in order to provide the best listening experience to the most about of users.  1.6.x will still be available for 2.3-4.0.4 users.  You might also notice the 2.0 betas will actually have version numbers in the 1.9.x range.  This is simply to make the bug reporting easier on me.

Anyway, the majority of the code base has been reworked, the holo themes were significantly improved, and this will be the first version of the new material based themes.  The material themes will continue to be improved in future betas.  I had also previously talked about the new Theme Builder that 2.0 will feature.  Due to some of the limitations with material themes, the majority of the builder is disabled.  What is enabled is a MASSIVE number of theme templates to choose from.  I am talking about 1000+ different themes, 8 different "styles" total.  There is also a "live preview" available so you can quickly see what a theme looks like.  Settings -> UI -> Theme Builder -> Load Template to access the templates.

Note: There is one known bug when changing themes that users should be aware of, but it is fairly minor. When changing themes some of the views might not load.  If this happens just back out of GMMP and launch it again.

2.0 Beta 1 will go live in a few hours.  To join the beta you need to do the following

1.9.6 (2.0 Beta 1) (12/04/2014):
-Massive UI overhaul
-Added theme builder (most customization is currently off, only the ability to change templates is enabled)
-Added experimental Material inspired themes (still a work in progress)
-Added 1000+ theme templates (8 different "styles")
-Added multiple select (long press now selects a list item)
-Added overflow button to each list item
-Added media store syncing (new files will automatically be scanned by GMMP)
-MediaPlayer now uses the gapless featurea added in android 4.1
-Added new scanner menu with new folder selection view

-Updated holo themes
-Major code cleanup
-Replaced many old systems with open source libraries
-Switched image loading to use Glide
-UI inflating now uses the ViewHolder pattern
-Replaced deprecated gallery with a view pager for the album art selector and skin selector
-Replaced CWAC TouchList View with DragSortListView to provide a smoother drag and drop experience
-Tag changes are now reflected everywhere

-Removed support for pre jelly bean devices
-Removed 'Always Keep Device Awake' preference
-Removed skin support (themes are replacing skins)
-Removed vertical seekbars used in equalizer view (the custom widget was too difficult to maintain)

-A bunch of bug fixes (so much has changed since 1.6.7 that it is too difficult to single out what specific bugs from 1.6.x were fixed)
-Resume on call end will no longer auto resume if something that would normally trigger an auto pause occured during the call (disconnect from BT or unplug headset)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Since Lollipop is rolling out to a few devices now, a pretty major playback bug was discovered so 1.6.7 was released to fix that.  Also expanded notifications should work correctly now.

I am hoping to get the first 2.0 beta done in the next few days.  There are just a few remaining bugs I want to get rid of before releasing it.  If its not done in the next few days, I still think it'll be ready by the end of the month.

1.6.7 (11/24/14):
-Fix for stuttering on Android 5.0+
-Fixed notifications for Android 5.0+
-Added French translation

1.6.6 (10/18/14):
-Updated target sdk to 21 (Android 5.0)
-Fixed notification background on 5.0+
-Disabled expanded notifications in 5.0+. The album art is not showing correctly, will try to fix this in GMMP 2.0.
-Added Greek translation