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GoneMAD Music Player 3.2 Full Release

3.2 has been promoted to full public release after being in beta for a few weeks (its currently in review so may take a day or so to be available).  3.2's major addition was a tab based navigation a little more similar to the holo theme in GoneMAD Music Player classic where all the views are available as tabs at the top level.  Selecting a specific item will still launch a new view like in drawer navigation, but the top level is all tabs. 5 UI presets have been included in this release and I hope to enable the ability to save your own presets in a future update. Presets Cards Default Circle Holo Compact Due to googles enforcement of scoped storage starting in November and the fact that I am expecting a newborn in a few weeks, this will be the last update for a few months until things settle down. Full changelog: 3.2.0 (2021/10/06): New: -Added new tab based navigation mode (Settings - UI - Navigation) -Navigation mode can now be set based on orientation -Added 5 UI presets: Default
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GoneMAD Music Player 3.2 Beta

The beta track on google play has been reopened and 3.2 was pushed for testing.  It is still in review as we speak but it should go live in a few hours.  I will go into more detail on all the changes when 3.2 goes full release, but the main additions to 3.2 is a new tab based navigation mode.  This means you can recreate a holo like interface from 2.x very easily.  There is a Holo preset that can be used to help you get most of the way there. Direct downloads available on the download page For 3.2 feedback visit the forums: Changelog 3.2.0 (2021/10/06): New: -Added new tab based navigation mode (Settings - UI - Navigation) -Navigation mode can now be set based on orientation -Added 5 UI presets: Default, Cards, Circle, Compact, and Holo (Settings - UI - Select Preset) -Improved library view loading performance -Delay auto database clean until at least a minute after booting the device -Reordered some menu items to be mo

Labor Day Sale. 50% Off

GoneMAD Music Player Unlocker is on sale through tuesday for 50% off on both amazon and google play.

GoneMAD Music Player 3.1.3

3.1.3 will hopefully be the last update for 3.1.x.  I was able to fix all of the major bugs reported and minor bugs that were fixable with a reasonable amount of effort.  I'll shortly begin to focus on 3.2 which will mostly be a 100% tab based navigation UI option (similar to holo theme of GMMP 2.x).  I also plan on investigating better external/removal storage support.  If its possible to improve support without using the storage access framework, that'll be done for 3.2, otherwise it will have to wait until the next audioengine is ready (most likely). Google is requiring all app updates must target android 11 (which forces support for scoped storage) starting in november, so my goal is to finish up 3.2 sometime in early october.  This should allow enough time for any essential fixes before that november deadline.  Updating GMMP for scoped storage might take a few months so I wanted to get a release in before I was forced to support scoped storage. Changelog: 3.1.3 (2021/07/25

GoneMAD Music Player 3.1.0

3.1 consists mostly of library updates and bugfixes.  The main library used by the audio engine, ffmpeg, was updated from 2.7.3 all the way to 4.4.  2.7.3 was released over 5 years ago, so this is a pretty significant upgrade.  The main reason behind the upgrade was to help with building a new audio engine.   A new engine is a long way off but I have began prototyping one based off of ffmpeg 4.4.  The 2 main drivers behind writing a new engine from scratch is to fully support hi-res audio and to support playback of other sources than just local files.  Being able to play network files (samba/upnp/dlna) has been a desire for a long time and I'd also like to be able to support some of the popular media server software like Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin.  My other app ( QuasiTV ) already interfaces with all 3 for video playback, so leveraging that code for audio playback would be pretty straight forward. When the engine does make its way into GMMP, it'll be in addition to the existing

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0.16

This months update is mostly fixes again but I did add one useful new customization.  The gestures in the mini player can now be customized in the settings.  Also long press now defaults to opening the queue.  This change now means you have quick access to both now playing and the queue from the majority of the app. 3.0.16 (2021/05/12): New: Added ability to customize mini player gestures (advanced ui settings - mini player - customize gestures) Added toast to indicate tempo changes via button / gesture Fixes: Fixed bug preventing artist art search from overriding previously chosen album art Fixed issue parsing year from cue files On queue completion -> stop will reset track position back to the start of the queue Playing folders with .cue files should now correctly split into individual tracks Playing folders with embedded cue files should now correctly split into individual tracks Fixed issue displaying different metadata lines in portrait and landscape Fixed issue playing files n