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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 11

Beta 11 doesn't really have anything major, but I did re-add a lot of smaller capabilities from 2.x and finishing implementing some Beta 10 features that weren't completely finished.  Playlist details, bookmark, and folder views all now allow custom metadata lines.  One important thing to note is the folder view has 3 separate "types" to customize.  There is one for audio files, one for non audio files (playlist files), and one for folders.

Now playing and widgets now support variables for the upcoming / next track.NEXT_TRACK_ALBUM = "%nal%"NEXT_TRACK_ALBUM_YEAR = "%nayr%"NEXT_TRACK_ALBUM_ARTIST = "%naa%"NEXT_TRACK_ARTIST = "%nar%"NEXT_TRACK_DISCNO = "%ndn%"NEXT_TRACK_DURATION = "%ndu%"NEXT_TRACK_GENRE = "%nge%"NEXT_TRACK_PLAYCOUNT = "%npc%"NEXT_TRACK_RATING = "%nra%"NEXT_TRACK_SKIPCOUNT = "%nskp%"NEXT_TRACK = "%nt%"NEXT_TRACK_NUM = "%ntn%"NEXT_TRACK…
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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 10

Split view has finally been added back as a new experimental option.  It was marked as experimental since its definitely not 100% perfect right now and it could take some time to get right.  I'll continue to make improvement over the beta but it will most likely stay experimental until sometime after 3.0.  What exactly does experimental mean?  It simply means that things may not work correctly and users should not expect them to be fixed any time soon.  The option can be found under advanced settings -> UI.  Split mode has a different set of default settings compared to regular view, but most things can still be customized like the album art background and all that.

Beta 10 also added the ability to customize the displayed metadata in most of the views (folder view and a few others will be added in Beta 11).  This works basically the same way as now playing does except the available variables are different depending on the view.  I'll be updating the documentation on the for…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 9

Auto-DJ was the main focus of beta 9.  Song selection was modified to prefer tracks not recently played (last played longer than 14 days ago).  Genres can now be selected for auto dj (just like smart playlists) and the default auto dj selection mode can now be chosen.  Available selection modes:Random - Songs are picked at randomRating - Prefer songs rated greater than or equal to the min rating setting (seperate setting)Recently Added - Prefer songs added within the last 2 weeksDifferent Artists - Will attempt to not repeat an artist until all have been played onceSelection mode and a few other options are available under a new advanced settings section named Auto-DJ.  This section also contains a "Rules" entry which shows whether auto dj is using a smart playlist, genre, or using the default selection mode to choose songs. Notification buttons can now be customizedUp to five actions can be added to the notification and up to 3 of those actions can be shown in the compact ve…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 8

Widget customization has finally been added back to GMMP.  I tried to make customizing a widget a lot easier than in 2.x by adding a widget preview right in the customization UI.  For each widget size you can customize the following:
Buttons - All 5 buttons can be assigned an action, made invisible, or removed completelyMetadata - Using the same UI as now playing to customize metadata, with a slightly slimmed down list of presets.  4x1 and 2x1 support 2 metadata lines and the others support 4Background - Choose from an album art background, blurred art background, colored background, or a dynamic theme colored backgroundBackground OpacityInvert colors - Text and buttons can be colored black or whiteThe old "default" album art has now been replaced by the same letter placeholder image seen in the album and artist list views.  Also the dynamic theming for the widgets can be disabled in the dynamic theme settings (see last screenshot).
3.0 Beta 8 (2020-07-18):
New: -Added date adde…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 7a

3.0 Beta 7a (2020-06-25)
Fixes: Increased dynamic accent color brightness to provide better contrast Adjusted detail view colors when no there no art Fixed mini player progressbar background color Fixed issue with the toolbar in details view after changing tabs Clear tag cache after deleting database Fixed issue playing files from external file managers when gmmp is not active in background Fixed context menu colors on dark and black themes Fixed album details view in landscape when artwork is hidden Fixed issue where there was a small gap between songs in a single file cue

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 7

Beta 7 is mostly a maintenance release but I did add a few new customizations.  I had a few requests to re-add the randomize option back to the queue, so I added that back.  There is a slight bug when using randomize where the queue view will jump somewhere close to the middle of your list, but the position will auto update once the track changes.

The album / artist / album artist details views now have the option to disable the artwork at the top.

Finally, the ability to customize remote control (bluetooth / headset) actions was readded.  I tried to make it a bit simpler by removing the "single button mode" setting.  If your remote control only has a single button, android considers it the "headset" button, which is one of the buttons listed to customize.  The actions available are slimmed down to actions that only really make sense with the display off, so its not the full set like the now playing buttons or gesture actions.

One other thing I forgot to mention …

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 6: Dynamic Theme

The theme engine gmmp uses (aesthetic) was deprecated by its developer, so I decided to completely take it over and reworked it to better suit gmmp.  Performance is improved and everything should get themed immediately instead of after the UI loads (on slower devices you could see the colors change, but it wasnt really noticeable on better devices).  One of the big reasons for all of this was the main new feature of beta 6, dynamic theming.
The dynamic theme is on by default and will choose theme colors based off album or artist artwork.

Under the advanced settings, you will have more fine grained control over how the dynamic theme works.  The top 3 options control which parts of the UI get themed.  Now playing is self explanatory, grid items is for the album, artist, and album artist grid list, and other is for the rest of the UI.  The last 2 settings control the color selection.  Use single color will pick a single color from the artwork, and create 3 different shades of that color fo…