Thursday, September 12, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 13

Development is moving along at a nice rate now and im hoping to have the alphas finished by the winter.  Alpha 13 has a bunch of nice additions.

Year View Improvements

The year view now offers the ability to group multiple years together in the year list.  For now you can group by either 5 or 10 years.  

Pin Smart Playlist to Library

I had hinted at this ability before, but now its finally available.  Smart playlists can now be pinned to the library and essentially become a custom view.  The podcast view added in alpha 12 is essentially the same thing, but instead of referencing a smart playlist on disk, its referencing a hard coded playlist.  The upcoming audiobook view will also leverage the same capabilities.  Pinned tabs can be removed through customize -> view order from the 3 dot menu on the toolbar.

Lyrics UI

GMMP now has a UI to view embedded lyrics.

'Show Lyrics' option should now be added to the context menu of song list items and the now playing menu (this will show lyrics for the currently playing track.

Alpha 14 will mostly focus on lyric improvements like:

  • lrc lyric file support
  • better synchronized lyric support (highlight playing line)
  • support for musixmatch
  • support for quicklyrics

3.0 Alpha 13 (09/12/2019):

Added ability to group years in year view by 5 or 10
Added option to pin smart playlists to the library as a tab
Added stat and setting backup and restore
Added lyrics ui
Added ability to wrap metadata lines (used in lyrics view)

Improvements / Info:
Library views reset back to defaults
Live search result size increased to 100
Adjusted 4x1 dimensions to look better on more screen sizes

Fixed issue where the wrong item was removed in the view select ui
Fixed issue where recently added smart playlist was overwritten with recently added album's rules
Fixed album art internet search
Empty composers no longer get listed in the composer list (delete db and rescan)


Saturday, August 24, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 12

Edit: Looks like the release build of alpha 12 is broken so i took down the links.  Will try to fix asap

Edit 2: Fix is up.  Download links should now point to 12a

Alpha 12 brings back widgets.  They cannot be customized yet (will come in the beta) but in general they are much more responsive than the 2.x widgets.  There are a lot of different customizations already coded, but since there is no UI for setting up the widgets yet I tried to find some good defaults.

Here are some of the customizations on the 4x1 widget

Album Art background

Blurred art background

3 buttons

Different metadata lines
Alpha 12 also adds 2 new views.  Podcast view and Years view.  Podcast view is a bit of a look into a future feature that will allow custom library tabs to be created out of smart playlists.  Behind the scenes the podcast view is just a smart playlist (genre contains podcast or filename contains podcast).  The years view will show a list of years for all your tracks.  Future updates wills allow year ranges to be used (like grouping by decade or a few year period).  These views are not enabled by default and can be added to the library through the Customize -> View Order menu option.

The other big changes are the scanner will now automatically rescan files that change on your storage when a scan is ran.  It looks at the last modified date of the file to see if that has changed.  I've also fixed the issue where you were unable to play files not scanned into gmmp's database already.  When attempting to play files not in the database, gmmp will start playing the files and will trigger the scanner to scan them in.  Playback does start before the file is fully scanned so there is a small chance you may see an "Unknown" entry end up in one of the library views for a short period of time until the scan is finished.

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 12 (08/24/2019)


Added 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, and 4x4 widgets
Last updated date is now recorded for tracks
Added date added and date updated to song info popup
Refactored library view filtering to leverage smart playlist rules
Added podcast view (Genre contains "podcast" OR filename contains "podcast")
Added enqueue shuffled to track, album, file, and folder context menus
Added Years view


Refactored scanner to allow for picking up external tag changes
Improved handling of multiple track changes in rapid succession


Songs not in the database can now be played / enqueued


Monday, July 22, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 11a

3.0 Alpha 11a (07/22/19):


Fixed editing rules in groups
Fixed more issues with album artists in smart playlists
Prevent linking a smart playlist to itself when adding links to a group
Fixed crash when viewing a playlist with multiple entries of the currently playing song
Other various crash fixes


Thursday, July 18, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 11

Alpha 11 adds the final piece to the smart playlist functionality.  You now will be able to mix both AND and ORs (any rule / all rules) in the playlists through smart rule groups.  Inside each group you can add anything you could at the top level of the smart playlist (rules, groups, or links to other playlists).

Top level of the playlist showing 2 groups

First group that matches all rules

Second group that matches any rule

Viewing playlist contents

Besides the smart playlist groups, I also added the ability to use the android image picker to select album art and added some new sort options for the folder view.

Icon in the top left will open image picker that is shown below

Next up will be widgets and a few new views/tabs (podcasts and years).  I expect widget work will be spread out over a few releases similar to the other big features I've done so far in this alpha.

3.0 Alpha 11 (07/18/19):


-Added some smart playlist validate to prevent saving invalid playlists
-Added ability to select album art using external image selectors / galleries
-Added new folder view sort options: Artist, Trackname, Track Num, and Rating
-Added tag caching to reduce the need to reread tags from storage
-Added progress bar indicator when saving album art
-Added support for TXXX rating tags
-Added complex smart playlist logic via smart rule groups

-Fixed writing composer tag
-Fixed reading multiple composer tags
-Fixed deleting composers when deleting the database
-Fixed deleting empty composers after editing composer tags
-Other various fixes


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 10a/10b

3.0 Alpha 10a (06/26/19):

Updated manifest to maybe help gmmp show up as a default music player... maybe

Playing albums/artists/etc from a smart playlist detail view should now only play tracks that match the smart playlist rules
Fixed some smart playlist crashes

3.0 Alpha 10b (06/30/19):

Added sort by rating to track list and album details view

Fixed album artist list from showing all artists


Friday, June 21, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 10

Album art downloading has now be readded back to gmmp in alpha 10.  The process should much easier to deal with compared to 2.x.  Now all possible images are shown at once in an image grid similar to the album list view.  

Text under each image will give more explanation.  If the image is local to your device, it will say either "Current Image", "In Folder", or "Embedded" depending on where gmmp found the image.  After that it will show various resolution images found online.  Very large will be the full resolution, Large is 1000x1000, Medium 800x800, and Small is 600x600.  Select a new image for the album and the rest of the UI will update to reflect the new album art.

Another significant capability added in Alpha 10 is the ability to set the top level view used for smart playlists (referred to in the UI as "group by".  You can now set the top level to be Album, Album Artist, Artist, Composer, Genre, or Track.

The following images will show the same smart playlist, but with different "group bys" chosen.  One thing to note is the "order by" only applies to the track list, the other top levels will be sorted by the sorting options in the toolbar.

3.0 Alpha 10 (06/21/19):

-Added album art selector
-Added sort menu to smart details
-Added album art preloading for album lists
-Added 'group by' option for smart playlists.  This sets the top level when viewing the playlists


-New smart playlists will default to matching all rules
-Improved preformance on actions involving a large number of tracks
-Changed a lot of the internal handling of album artist so please report any album artist related issues if they pop up
-Improved search performance
-Removed crossfade when loading images in album list views
-Improved image caching
-Album Artist list sort/view mode is now separate from the Artist list view


Fixed library tab menus not loading correctly
Fixed sorting by album artist in smart playlists
Fixed crash in the search ui
Fixed list items refreshing when unchanged


Friday, May 31, 2019

3.0 Album Art Selector Preview

I've been working on the album art downloader and album art selector for the last few days and i wanted to show off the progress.  The album art search was completely rewritten using retrofit.  Its quite a nice library.  The old album art search was about 5 times as much code as the new version.  Its great how easy retrofit makes making web calls. 

Over the years gmmp has gone through a bunch of different album art search providers (google, bing, amazon, and itunes), but now all thats left is itunes.  Fortunately their api is very simple and it appears they auto scale their album art images based on the resolution you request.  Instead of returning a single image, the album search will now return 4 options: small (600x600), medium (800x800), large (1000x1000), and very large (largest size available on itunes.. usually 1600x1600ish).

Whats shown in the video below is just a rough cut at the album art selector