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GMMP 2.1.2

2.1.2 (11/23/2016)
-Rewrote cast device discovery.  Should be much more accurate and responsive now
-Show notification when paused defaulted to true
-Notification controls can now be swiped away when music is paused/stopped
-Updated Slovak translation
-Added new command intents:

GoneMAD Music Player 2.1.0 Released

After 5 months of development, GMMP 2.1 is finally here.  This release was mainly a stop gap between 2.0 and 3.0 which will have an entirely new UI.  There have been some long awaited features that I felt needed to be added before dropping support for some older versions of android.  2.1 drops support for jelly bean and 3.0 will drop the support for kit kat.  However 3.0 is a long ways away and will truly benefit all the 5.0+ users since google added some great UI apis in android 5 (like the animation api).

The new update will be rolled out to 20% of the users today and I will increase that to either 50% or 100% depending on whether issues pop up.

Some of the bigger newer features are as follows:

Share Option The ability to share what you are playing with others in text form and file form have been asked for by tons of users and gmmp 2.1 finally adds that option.

Selecting Now Playing Info will let you share the name of the current artist and song you are playing in text form.  Select…

GMMP 2.1 Beta 6: Google Now Voice Commands

After all this time of getting reports of GMMP not showing up as a "default music player" I was able to fully understand what the issue is.  It wasnt until recently that someone specifically mentioned google now + default player (the first part was always left out, so i made the assumption it was the default player when opening files), so I started playing around with google now's "play X" voice commands.  GMMP did not show up there and after a little research into the voice commands, I decided it would be worth the extra day or 2 to add that in before closing out the 2.1 beta.

So now you should be able to select GMMP when doing voice commands like "Play Artist" or "Play Song By Artist" or "Play Album By Artist"

2.1.0 Beta 6 (10/07/2016)
-Fixed issue where sdcard write access is not saved when using 'save to playlist'
-Fixed crash when saving new playlist
-Force left align for text from tags stored in a RTL language

GMMP 2.1 Beta 5

GMMP 2.1 is mostly done besides remaining bug fixes and maybe one additional capability, so I anticipate Beta 6 to be mostly a fix update with a full release shortly after.  On another note I've already started prototyping some things for 3.0.  I am working on a new theme engine that should allow theme transitions without having to restart the UI and support any arbitrary color combination for material themes.  My hope this should play nicely with a cool feature google added in 5.0 to extract colors from images (album art) to use for themes.

2.1.0 Beta 5 (09/28/2016)
-Added toast when toggling repeat via now playing menu
-Updated support library to 24.2.1
-Updated play services to 9.6.0
-Added option to disable scans when Android Media Library Updates (Prefs -> Scanner -> Setup Auto Scan -> Sync With Android Media Library)
-Added option to set write permissions straight from the setti…

GMMP 2.1 Beta 4

2.1.0 Beta 4 (09/20/2016)
-Added support for mp2 audio files
-Disc number tag is now read in MPC files
-Added ability to write albumartist and disc number to MPC files
-Fixed writing albumartist tag in m4a files
-Added ability to save ratings in tags
-Added intent to change themes.  action:gonemad.gmmp.command.THEME, extra: key=themeId value="Style Name" (ie "Classic Dark Cyan")

2.1.0 Beta 3 (09/01/2016)
-Re-enabled album art on 4x1 widget (was turned off by mistake)
-Fixed media button overrides
-Added share option (now playing info or file)
-Reset enabled now playing menu options
-Added new higher quality album art download source
-Fixed other various crashes

GMMP 2.1 Beta

For those of you not aware, there are some newer updates available in the gmmp beta on google play

A lot of the google apis have been updated so if you having issues with chromecast or other google related features its worth checking out.  The beta also implements android's MediaSession api which should allow for better integration with media controls and selecting gmmp as a music player.

2.1.0 Beta 2
-Removed "Disable ICS lockscreen controls"
-Added option to disable album art on lockscreen
-Added %fs% for filesize in custom metadata lines
-Fixed remote multi press on android 5.0+
-Added date added to the stats backup/restore
-Added play next/prev album by artist to gesture actions and media button actions
-Touchscreen no longer required (recommended for chromebook support)
-Renamed gapless setting to enable/disable gmmp's custom audioengine
-Disabled album art option for 2x1 widget
-Updated play service…

2.0.28 and looking forward

GMMP has been around for 5 years now and a large portion of the codebase was written back in the android 1.x - 2.x days when the android apis were not very mature and there was no compatibility library.  I've done my best to update the code as new versions of android, but alas moving forward is going to be quite difficult with the current codebase / design.  Fortunately gmmp's audioengine and data layer are pretty solid so they dont need much rework.  So what I would like to do is do a large refactor / cleanup of most of gmmp's backend code (like intent receivers) and more importantly start working on a new UI from scratch.  GMMP's current UI is really just a reskinned version of the original UI i wrote years ago and jamming more new features into that just isnt going to work very well.   A new UI will allow me to design something that works well for all of GMMP's existing features and can work for a lot of the future planned features.  Plus with the support librar…

2.0.26 - SD Card write access on 5.0+

The next GMMP is finally ready to get out of beta.  Most of the time was spent working on allowing write access to music on the sdcard.  You now should be able to edit tags of files on the sdcard and delete files.  When you first try to do a write action on your sdcard, you will be prompted with a message with instructions.  The standard android device select UI will then come up and you will have to select the root of your sdcard and select okay.  This will grant GMMP access to write/edit any file in that selected location.  The number of beta testers with sdcards is fairly small so I would not be too surprised if there was a minor bug here or there.

On another note, if you are looking for a way to obtain a free promo code for the unlocker, consider helping with translations:

All changes since last public release

2.0.26 (03/11/2016)
-Added ability to invert notifica…