Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I was finally able to work out some of the sdcard write issues.  I could only reproduce issues when creating playlists, so hopefully that was the only problem.  I also tested with android O (the emulator) and didnt experience any issues, so GMMP should be good to go for 8.0

2.2.4 (08/29/2017):
-Updated google services to 11.0.4
-Updated support libraries to 26.0.0
-Updated compile sdk to Android O
-Fixed bug where keyboard would not show when using a gesture to jump to search
-Play next/prev album now orders by album name instead of by artist (use next/prev album by artist for other behavior)
-Reset anything set to next/prev album to next/prev album by artist
-Notification will now properly update state when queue completes with on queue completion set to default or stop
-Audio focus is now only abandoned when the music service is destroyed
-Fixed audioengine startup race condition deadlock
-Fixed creating new files on sdcard (playlists / downloaded album art)
-Fixed issue where some m4a files would play at the incorrect sample rate

2.2.3 (05/02/2017):
-Update google services to 10.2.4
-Fixed some audioengine crashes
-Fixed other various crashes and bugs

Monday, August 14, 2017

3.0 Work in Progress 7: Fast Scroll & Gestures

The last 2 weeks I added in fast scroll (scroll through long lists fast by dragging down the bar on the right with the letter / number indicator to show where you are in the list) and gestures on now playing and the mini player.

The first up is fast scroll.  This rendition of fast scroll SHOULD be a bit more consistent than the old one in 2.0.  There was a random bug that was very difficult to reproduce that would cause the letters to not match what was showing on the screen.  The fast scroll code is much simpler this time around so i dont expect that bug to be an issue.  The video is a big laggy and the fast scroll in general is not as smooth as i'd like it to be, but that will be worked on once 3.0 gets to beta.

The second feature is the addition of gestures.  All the previous gestures have returned (swipe left right up down / tap / double tap / long press) plus I added in a few more.  New gestures are 2 finger tap/double tap/long press, and a 2 finger pan.  The pan is considered a "continuous" gesture, so there will only be a few actions that you can bind to it.  The video shows it bound to adjusting the volume, but the other options would be adjusting tempo or seeking the track.  If you decide to not use the pan, you will be able to use 2 finger swipes.  Right now GMMP is using the stock version of the gesture library and it works fairly decent for the most part.   If users find some gestures hard to use I will try to tweak the library to improve that.

My next 3.0 post on here will most likely not be for another 3-4 weeks since I have a vacation coming up and I plan on doing a 2.x patch for android O plus some other bug reports i've gotten over the past few months.