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Posted another update with more fixes.  The plan is one more update adding a some minor new features and then I will begin the UI rework.  That is going to be a large task so I'll do another post with a bit more detail around the time I start working on it. (06/24/2013):
-Fixed bug causing playback to resume after an audiofocus request was received when playback was paused/stopped
-Fixed issue with the custom background not taking effect immediately
-Fixed composer and disc number being on the same line in the custom metadata legend
-Cleaned up the "browse storage" list when selecting folder locations
-Added "/storage/external_SD" to the default external sdcard location list
-Fixed issue with scanner not reading folders with .. in the folder name
-Fixed issue where the next track info would not correctly update in now playing / lockscreen
-Improved support for playing files from external file browsers
-Fixed playing/enqueing folders with flac files in … - Fixes (06/16/2013):
-Album artist tag is now factored into grouping albums in the same folder if it exists
-Fixed bug causing playlists and cue files to not show up in the file browser root folder
-Fixed album count + track count in the genre view to only show the number of albums and tracks that match the selected genre
-Fixed track count when viewing an album with multiple artists in artist mode
-Fixed multiple word searches for the playlist file search
-Fixed issue with lyrics where everything is on the same line
-Changing artist/albumartist mode in the genre view will now also refresh the artist view
-Genre -> All Albums will only show songs from the selected genre when clicking on an album
-Improved Galaxy S3 recognition for the auto haptic warning
-Fixed some playback/duration issues with poorly coded m4a files
-Fixed potential loop when playing next/prev folder/file
-Next folder/file will now wrap back to the beginning when it reaches the end of the file structure

1.4.15 Released. Lyrics, composer tag, new repeat mode, playlist file search, new media control/now playing icons

Its only been 2 weeks since the last update but this update is definitely significant.  Many long requested features have finally been added.  The plan moving forward is one more update for some miscellaneous features and fixes and then I plan on doing the UI overhaul + tablet enhancements.  That update is going to take awhile, most like a few months but I plan on doing some bug fix releases during that period if issues happen to pop up.


1.4.15 (06/09/2013):
-Added lyrics support for embedded lyrics
-Added lyrics search through musiXmatch
-Composer tag is now read and able to be shown on now playing (%cp%)
-Added a new repeat mode.  There is now repeat queue and repeat track/one
-Added playlist file search
-Added 'Play Next' context menu option to the queue. This will move the selected track to underneath the currently playing track and will turn off shuffle.
-Added option to show/hide file stats in the file browser
-Added option to require a second press of …

1.4.15 Beta is live. Adds lyrics, composer tag, new now playing icons, and more

1.4.15 is now live on google play for those signed up for the beta.  The beta does not support any of the external skins.  They will be updated once it goes out of beta.

Joining the beta:
Join the GMMP beta community:
Click on "Become a beta tester" under the "About this community" section.

Updates will be delivered through google play.