Sunday, September 4, 2011

0.25 Released - Drag and drop playlist editing, tag editor, scanning improvements, and more

Here is the next update.  I discussed some of the new features already in previous posts (tag editor, playlist drag and drop).  Here are some of the other additions and improvements

Auto Volume Adjustments

This feature, accessible in Preferences -> Audio -> Auto Volume Adjust, will allow you to automatically adjust the volume when you connect/disconnect BT audio or plug/unplug headphones.  There are 2 different modes you can use.  "Use Defaults" will set the volumes to a default value which you can set yourself in the preferences.  "Restore Last Used" will remember the last volume you had and restore it.  Example: the speakers are on and the volume is set to 90.  You plug in headphones and turn down the volume to 10.  When you unplug the headphones the volume will be restored to 90 and when you plug them back in the volume will go back to 10.
NOTE: Neither of my devices had working bluetooth audio so I was unable to test if the volume adjusts for bluetooth.  Please send me an email if you discover issues with this.

Scanning Improvements

The scanner will now use "Unknown" fields when it cannot read in a tag properly.  The filename will get used as the trackname is a name tag is not found.  The file browser will now automatically scan in new files as you browse.  This now lets you access your music immediately upon installation.  A full scan is still recommended however.  There is also a new context menu option for folders allowing you to do a deep scan of that folder.

2.3+ support for the audioengine

Gapless playback and gmmp EQ now work with android 2.3 and higher.  I also added an option to use the equalizer that comes with 2.3+.  Honestly the sound is not very good compared to the EQ that I wrote, but it might use less cpu power so I included it.  The band count is restricted and there is no preamp or balance control. 

Download 0.25 alpha here

As always report any issues to me via email or through an error report.  I'll be spending the next few days addressing some of the feedback I have gotten and fixing any issues that pop up with 0.25.

Full changelog:
0.25: (09/04/11)
-Added drag and drop edit mode to the playlist
-Added tag editor
-Added "Always Keep Device Awake" option
-Added "Jump to Time" option to NowPlaying
-Added auto volume adjust when switching between speakers, wired headset, and bluetooth
    -2 modes: use defaults & restored last used
-Added MP3 and AAC gapless and EQ support for 2.3+
-Slightly improved scanning speed
-Scanner will now pick up songs with invalid tags.  Unknown fields are populated with "Unknown"
    and the filename is used for the track name
-"Scan" context menu added to folders in the browser view
-Option to scan folder while viewing it in the browser view
-Album art auto download now uses album artist to search instead of artist

-Fixed issue where playing tracks using the playlist would not start the track at 0:00
-Fixed crash in browser view when using the context menu
-Album view will show the album artist if present for various artist albums instead of "various"
-Disabled context menu for back arrow in browser view
-Fixed default song view sort order
-Saved position in current track is now reset if next or prev track button is pressed
-Possibly fixed issue where gmmp wouldn't fully close when the Exit option was selected
-Sort options for all songs and an album's song are now independent
-Sort options for all albums and an artist's albums are now independent
-Audioengine: Fixed potential crash during track change
-Fixed inaccuracy in artist stats