Friday, May 31, 2013

New now playing images

Earlier this month I purchased an ICS style icon pack to use in GMMP and since I had to add a new image for the new 'Repeat Queue' mode, I figured I'd replace all of the images in now playing.  Here is a screenshot.

Friday, May 24, 2013

1.4.14 - Improved cuesheet support

This update has a bunch of fixes / tweaks related to cue files.  A single cue referencing multiple audio files is now supported.  The beta support on google play is still broken for me so hopefully google can fix that soon.

1.4.14 (05/24/2013):
-Auto download of album art now enabled by default
-Auto album art searches will now wait a bit before searching again when no results are returned.  This is to cut down on the number search requests.
-Added support for nonstandard metadata in cuesheets (YEAR and GENRE)
-Artist, album, genre, and year read from a cue file will now be used if present
-Added support for cuesheets that reference multiple audio files
-Added option to toggle file icons in the browser (Prefs -> Library -> File Browser -> Show File Icons)
-The tag editor will now attempt to merge albums in the database after editing an albums name, year, or albumartist
-Fixed install error on pre android 2.1 devices
-Fixed playing flac files with an embedded cuesheets
-Fixed bug with the Shuffle context menu option which would cause every selection to play on shuffle queue
-Fixed inaccurate times when seeking or changing tracks in cue files
-Caught out of memory error when trying to get embedded album art
-Fixed bug causing split albums during the initial scan (only for files in different folders)
-Fixed all context menu options for the artist view when listing by artist (by default it lists by albumartist)
-Fixed some bugs causing the file scanner from never finishing
-You are no longer able to add "/" as a path to the scanner
-Menu -> Save in the playlists view will now save even if there were no changes to the playlist

Monday, May 20, 2013


It appears that adding multi-window support prevents gmmp from being successfully installed on devices running versions of android earlier than 2.1.  Due to this, the version of GMMP on amazon now requires 2.1+.  Amazon does not provide the details on who has purchased GMMP, so if you are on 1.6 or 2.0 and purchased GMMP please send an email to and I will help you get updates.  Users on google play will not have to do anything because it supports multiple apks.  Users who do the direct download should now use the PRE-2.1 version linked on the right if you are on a device running 1.6 or 2.0.

1.4.13 (5/20/2013):
-Fixed an issue where GMMP would not receive headset/remote control button presses
-A black background is now used instead of the gradient background (Prefs -> UI -> Background)
-Expanded notification option disabled for pre jelly bean devices
-Added an 'Always on Top' option for the lockscreen.  Turning this off will allow text message dialogs show up over top of the lockscreen player
-Playing/enqueuing an 'All Songs', an artist or a genre will sort the tracks using the sort order used for 'All Songs'
-Playing/enqueuing an Album will sort the tracks using the sort order used when viewing an album
-Added 'Artist - Album Year' sort option for viewing all songs
-Fixed bug causing equalizer presets to not be created on first launch
-By default gmmp will now continue on to the next file once a single track queue completes
-Minimum crossfade values dropped to 100ms
-Added option to completely exit/shutdown GMMP via back button.  (Prefs -> General -> Exit With Back Button)
-Updated translations

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Becoming a GMMP beta tester

So google play now offers beta testing, so in order to join up you need to do the following:

Join the GMMP beta community:

then click "Become a beta tester" in the about this community section.

Once you click on that link you will be prompted to join.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - Fixes

The last update accidentally removed the opacity option for widgets on many devices, so this is a quick fix for that plus some other minor changes. (05/14/2013):
-Updated translations
-Added Polish translation
-More music service timeout fixes
-Fixed bug that caused ICS lockscreen controls to disappear when pausing
-Fixed bug where opacity was not able to set for widgets
-Fixed crash related to very large embedded art images on low memory devices
-Fixed some more application not responding errors
-Added additional font sizes for now playing
-Fixed bug causing the widgetupdateservice to randomly start

Sunday, May 12, 2013

300,000 total downloads!

This weekend GMMP passed the 300k download mark on google play.  It also passed the 2000 rating mark and the overall rating was bumped up to 4.5.  Pretty exciting!

In other news, the last update broke the ability to set the opacity of newly added widgets.  A fix for that will be released in the next day or 2

Saturday, May 11, 2013

1.4.12 - Laggy widgets fixed, samsung multi-window support, and more bugfixes

It has been a long time complaint that the widgets were laggy so I spent a few days reworking the widget code.  The widgets should now be as responsive as the notification controls and the controls on now playing.  Multi-window support was also added to the samsung galaxy note/note2/s3/s4 and any other samsung device that supports multi-window.  The other big change is for stereo 16 bit audio files the balance is now applied to the output before being downmixed to mono (when force mono is enabled)

1.4.12 (05/11/2013):
-Fixed laggy widgets. Note: Widgets might need to be readded to your homescreen to work correctly
-Balance is now applied to 16-bit stereo files before downmixing to mono when force mono is enabled
-Added multi-window support for samsung devices that support multi-window
-Significantly sped up sorting by artist, trackname, and track number in the file browser
-Changed track number on the widgets to queue position.
-Queue position is now hidden in notifications and widgets if there is only one track in the queue
-Expanded notifications will no longer show the default gmmp logo in the big art area if there is no album art
-Expanded notifications no longer show the album name twice
-Fixed some issues where custom lines in now playing wouldnt update
-Text in browser folder list items will no longer be cutoff with show folder stats off
-Added "complete", and "box" to the file scanners year ignore keyword list
-Now playing progress bar now only updates when the progress has actually changed
-Double tap gesture action is now set to nothing by default instead of toggle fullscreen
-Fixed issue with the music service timeout where the Queue and Now Playing would not properly update on track or playlist change
-Balance is now saved when creating a equalizer preset
-Caught exception when checking for the unlocker
-Fixed widgets dimensions on the nexus 7 (they were 3 cells instead of 4)
-Fixed some ANRs

Multi-window images courtesy of one of our testers.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1.4.11 + gmmp subreddit

Nothing major in this update.  I was able to fix the music service timeout completely.  There were some issues with the phone sleeping causing the MusicService to take a really long time to timeout or never timeout at all.  It should timeout after 5 minutes always now if that setting is enabled.

I also created a subreddit for gonemad music player:

1.4.11 (05/01/2013):
-Added 24bit wav playback support
-More music service timeout improvements
-Now playing/notifications will display the filename when there is no trackname found in the tags
-Added some code to lower the chances of the operating system killing the music service when low on resources
-Scanner will now remove the file extension when reading in the playlist name
-Added option to enable/disable expanded notifications
-'Detect only a2dp connections' is now enabled by default
-Added Vietnamese translation
-Fixed bug where the music service would restart immediately after closing when using Menu - Exit