Friday, November 30, 2012

Progress Update: Ratings and Smart Playlists

This is very much a work in progress but I'm at the point there is something to actually show.  Ratings are from 0-5 and are on 0.5 increments so half stars are allowed.  The smart playlists view is done, but the queries are hardcoded at the moment.  I still have to create the smart playlist creation editor.

The following images show 2 songs rated, one 3.5 and the other 4.5.  2 Smart playlists were created one showing songs rated at or over 3 and the other at or over 4.  Both songs show up in the first smart playist but only the 4.5 rated song appears in the second.  Nothing amazing but it shows that its working.

Rating >= 3

Rating >= 4

Sunday, November 25, 2012


1.3.19 introduced a bug where the notification icon would not go away if you exited the app while playing.. so i fixed that up and also was finally able to address another long standing issue.  GMMP used to crash if you were using a skin and tried to paste text into any of the edit boxes.  This is now fixed.

1.3.20 (11/25/2012):
-Fixed bug where the notification would not go away when exiting gmmp
-Fixed potential crash on shutdown
-Fixed crash during playback error
-Fixed crash when pasting text into an text box while using a skin

Friday, November 23, 2012

1.4 Beta 3

Nothing too major in this update.  Just a lot of minor things I've been wanting to implement for awhile.  Beta 4 will have the first version of the smart/dynamic playlists.

Forum Discussion

1.4 Beta 3:

-Merged 1.3.18-1.3.19 fixes
-Parameterized sqlite queries for increased performance
-Preference backup/restore feature now requires the unlocker to be installed
-Decreased font size in the Compatibility view
-Improved file browser list positioning when jumping to folder
-Added border and curved edges to launcher icon
-Added xhdpi launcher icon
-Moved database stats, auto scan, and clean database to the preferences
-Added option to run a scan when the sdcard is mounted (Prefs -> Scanner -> Scan On Media Mounted)
-Added scan on musicservice startup option (Prefs -> Scanner -> Scan On Startup)
-The tag editor can now edit whole folders
-Added disc number support to the tag editor
-Added open tag editor as a gesture action
-Added add to playlist support for 'All Songs' and 'All Albums'
-Added option to add 'All Songs' to the top of the song view (Prefs -> Library -> Song Library -> Add 'All Songs')
-Made the playing toasts translatable
-The menu option for now playing are now configurable (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Enabled Menu Options)
-'Add To Playlist' added to now playing menu + made a gesture action
-Song will now fade out when a crossfade is not possible (different sample rates / channel count)
-Added embedded cue support for flac files
-Fixed single press in playlist view to switch songs
-Split playlist preferences into Queue and Playlists preferences
-Added advanced shuffle cancellation options (Prefs -> Queue -> Shuffle Cancellation)
-Local album art search will now scan folders with "art" in the name
-Added option to open the keyboard when switching to the search view (Prefs -> Search -> Open Keyboard)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

1.3.19 & $0.99 Black Friday Sale!

GMMP will be available for $0.99 on google play until 12AM EST 12/24 so grab it while its cheap.

1.3.19 has a few good bug fixes for issues that have been around for awhile.  Also the next 1.4 beta will be released shortly.  Enjoy

1.3.19 (11/22/2012):
-Moved most of the potentially heavy processing off of the UI thread to increase responsiveness and reduce freezes/ANRs
-Fixed bug where equalizer view doesnt show
-Updated to api level 17
-Fixed bug where android eq presets would not load
-Fix issue where single button mode would cause next / prev track to be ignored
-Updated german and italian translations
-Fixed crossfade bug where the song would not change and the controls would stop responding
-Album art selector will now properly show embedded art
-Fixed bug where the now playing menu would show up instead of the playlist menu
-Fixed reading replaygain values stored in the RGAD tag

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Launcher icon

I've gotten multiple complaints about the launcher icon.. so i went back and tried to make it more iconish than it was (added a border with rounded corners basically).

Is this any better?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

1.4 Beta 2

1.4 Beta 2 (11/8/2012):
-Merged 1.3.15-1.3.17 changes
-Added ability to change the order of the views on the Navigation bar (prefs -> ui -> view order)
-Added ability to adjust gesture sensitivity (prefs -> now playing -> vertical/horizontal sensitivity)
-Added descriptions to Single Button Actions preferences
-Disabled Jump To Playing in the lockscreen
-Added 'Shuffle' to the context menu which will play the selection and turns on shuffle queue
-Added option to Long press the tag area in now playing to show the Jump To Playing menu (prefs -> now playing -> jump to playing menu)
-Set long press gesture to jump to playing menu by default
-Improvements to random album and song selection to reduce repeats
-Added pls and wpl support to Add To Playlist
-Sped up the file scanner
-Added a preference local backup/restore option (prefs -> general -> backup)

Note: Downloadable skins will no longer work with this version. Later in the beta when all the UI changes are done I will update them all.

1.4 Beta 2 Download

Beta 2 will now allow you to reorder the views in the navigation bar.

The comment tag can now be displayed on now playing and edited in the tag editor

Shuffle added to the context menu which will turn on shuffle queue and then play the selection

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Just a minor update to the 1.3.x line with some fixes.  There will be a new 1.4 beta build sometime next week.

1.3.15 (11/3/2012):
-Improved tag reading of mp3 files with corrupt tags
-Made some visual improvements to the drag and drop playlist
-Sped up the scanning of files with embedded tags
-Fixed seeking issues on some files longer than 30 minutes
-Fixed single press in playlist view to switch songs
-Fixed repeat icon on external skins
-Widgets will show default album art if no song is selected (instead of being blank)
-Fixed potential crash when resuming after a phone call
-Caught IllegalStateException when clicking on an item in one of the library views
-Fixed some other minor bugs