Thursday, December 20, 2018

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 6

Its been awhile since I've posted an update but I'm still working on the app.  Alpha 6 mostly just adds the ability to delete files from your device.  The deleting experience should be much smoother than it was in 2.x

3.0 Alpha 6 (12/20/2018):


Added ability to delete files/folders from folder view
Added ability to delete playlists from playlist list view
Added ability to delete genres, artists, albumartists, albums, and tracks from the library views
Added delete option to multi-select actions
Added delete option to now playing menu
Folder view will now monitor current folder for changes
Added menu option in folder chooser to manually enter a folder path
Added multi select support for the tag editor
Added support for view file intents from tasker
Added R128 support
Updated libs


Removed tag editor context menu option for playlist list
Fixed album artist search results returning artists instead
Fixed looping the queue
Fixed empty left margin on preference items
Fixed multi select crash in album artist list
Gain fixes from 2.x