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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 6: Dynamic Theme

The theme engine gmmp uses (aesthetic) was deprecated by its developer, so I decided to completely take it over and reworked it to better suit gmmp.  Performance is improved and everything should get themed immediately instead of after the UI loads (on slower devices you could see the colors change, but it wasnt really noticeable on better devices).  One of the big reasons for all of this was the main new feature of beta 6, dynamic theming.
The dynamic theme is on by default and will choose theme colors based off album or artist artwork.

Under the advanced settings, you will have more fine grained control over how the dynamic theme works.  The top 3 options control which parts of the UI get themed.  Now playing is self explanatory, grid items is for the album, artist, and album artist grid list, and other is for the rest of the UI.  The last 2 settings control the color selection.  Use single color will pick a single color from the artwork, and create 3 different shades of that color fo…