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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 5

The equalizer got some needed work in beta 5.  I added the ability to add, save, and delete presets.  You now can manually enter gain values for each band.  Just long press the dB text and there will be a popup to manually enter a value.  I also readded the ability to use external dsps and open the stock audio settings ui (if your phone has one) straight from GMMP.

Beta 5 was pushed to google play tonight but will take a few days to get approved just like the last 2 updates.

3.0 Beta 5 (2020-04-23):

-Long pressing the equalizer gain text will let you type in an exact value
-Added menu option to open the device's built in audio effect UI if present
-Added menu option to enable external dsps to the equalier view
-Added optional 2nd parameter to $rating that takes a minimum rating value to show stars
-Made updating now playing metadata more efficient
-The text in the song info popup can now be copied
-Long press imported custom metadata to delete
-Added some extra custom metada…

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Beta 4

I will keep this update short and sweet.  Beta 4 adds tons of new functions (and a few more variables) to now playing and I was able to address most of the playlist performance issues.  The playlist details view now is a paginated list (only loads chunks of 50 at a time), and removed some of the file validation.  A 25k playlist file that used to take 17 seconds to play should now play in 3-4 seconds.

The custom metadata forum post will be updated with all the new capabilities shortly

Here are some screenshots of the new $rating function which will take the rating variable %ra% and change it into a starred rating.

3.0 Beta 4 (2020-04-07):


-Added custom metadata variables for skipcount, playcount, queue position, queue size, and filesize
-Added a bunch of new custom metadata functions: arithmetic, logic, control flow, and text manipulation
-Added $rating to format %ra% into stars
-The color tag for cu…