Sunday, September 18, 2011


I woke up to find many bug reports send in.  I pushed an update to the market with fixes for the bug reports.

Also I forgot to mention that you must uninstall the alpha first before trying to install the beta from the market.  So if you rated me 1 star for it not installing properly, please adjust that rating accordingly (I'm fine with 1 stars if you don't like the app)

0.26.1 (09/18/11):
-EQ button will now only show up if eq is supported
-Tag editor context menu option now only shows up for valid audio files

-Fixed crash on startup if eq is not supported
-Compatibility view now correctly shows if eq is supported
-Fixed nullpointer exception in file browser
-Properly handle invalid input into the time select dialog
-Fixed crash when closing the main view
-Fixed crash in tag editor
-Fixed other various crashes