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2.0.3 Released

2.0.3 (05/06/2015):
-Fixed issue with 4x1 widget where it would not render correctly with album art disabled
-Fixed the accent color in the material black - indigo theme
-Slightly fixed the seekbar in android 5.1 in holo themes.  The progress bar can no longer be colored so it is now solid grey
-Scrobbler intent fix for isyncr
-GMMP is now listed as a default music player
-Fixed all songs issue when viewing all songs from Genre -> Artist
-Fixed multi select -> play next's behavior
-Added new jump to gesture actions: queue, playlists, effects, smart, and search
-Swipe navigation from now playing is now easier when gestures are disabled
-Updated glide to 3.6.0
-Fixed bug where the playlist view would not refresh after saving the queue
-Changing album art of the playing song will now update the lockscreen background
-Reset trial
-Playback notifications are now set to public for android 5.0+
-Updated translations

Reddit AMA 7PM on the 6th

Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know I will be doing a joint AMA on reddit tomorrow at 7PM EST with the shuttle dev.

In other news I should have some more fixes out in a day or 2.  2.0.3 will be going to beta sometime tonight.

Edit: updated link