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1.1.11 - quick fix

The update I made to the file browser ends up causing a crash if a file has the artist or trackname tag blank.  Also if for some reason playlist are not loading properly for you, I added an option to change the character encoding when loading a playlist file.  Most people will never have to touch this, but if you have filenames that are unicode, this might need to be used.  Preferences -> Playlist -> Character Set

1.1.11 (01/30/2012):
-Fixed crash in file browser
-Added option to set character encoding used to read playlist files (ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16, etc)
-Handle exception that can be thrown when populating the playlist

1.1.10 - Stability fixes

There are 2 new features in this patch.  You can now customize the actions for single button remote controls and there is a new gesture action for deleting the current file/folder.

The rest of the patch tries to address some of the stability issues that have been reported, and I rewrote much of the active playlist code, so it should be much more forgiving with larger playlists.

1.1.10 (01/29/2012):
-Improved playlist file compatibility
-Renamed Multi-Press enabled to Single Button Mode for headset remote controls
-In single button mode, actions can now be assigned to single, double, and triple clicks and
single, double, and triple 'click and hold'. (Preferences->General->Single Button Actions)
-Added delete action to gesture action list
-Rewrote the active playlist for better performance and hopefully less issues
-Made scanner changes to lock the database for less time to reduce ANRs
-Moved processing to find the next/prev folder and file to the background to prevent the…

1.1.9 - Widgets updated + Audiofocus requests

Another minor update.   GMMP will now respond to audiofocus requests by pausing or lowering the volume.  Audio focus requests were something google added in 2.2, that lets other apps "request focus" to temporarily play audio.  An example of this would be GPS software telling you when to make a turn.

I also went through and slightly improved all the widgets.  Text should now fade out if it is too long and on the larger sized widgets, the text will wrap to another line.

1.1.9 (01/22/2012):
-Added filename to the search categories
-Added option to obey audiofocus requests.  GMMP pauses on AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS_TRANSIENT and lowers volume on AUDIOFOCUS_GAIN_TRANSIENT_MAY_DUCK. (Preferences->Audio->Obey AudioFocus Requests)
-Fixed album art position in 4x1 widget
-Made slight visual improvements to all the widgets
-Fixed some situations where song transitions would not crossfade
-Album artist tags stored in the 'TXXX' id3 tag are now supported
-Added a retry co…

Roadmap updated

I updated the roadmap a bit to give everyone a better idea on when certain features are going to be worked on (or what order I should say, estimating time is very hard in software development)

Barring any major issues that pop up, there should be 2 more updates in the 1.1.x line and then I will start development on 1.2, which will mostly be cosmetic changes.

4x1 Widget Added (1.1.8)

Another update.. now playing can now also show the file and folder of the currently playing file.  I also added a 4x1 widget.  As I was taking the screenshots below I noticed the album art is slightly off center.  The update is already pushed so I'll fix that in the next version.

1.1.8 (01/17/2012):
-Added file and folder as displayable metadata in now playing
-Search categories can now be turned on/off individually
-Added 4x1 widget
-Widgets should now update quicker after manual track changes
-Fixed itunes match support (the fix was accidentally reverted in 1.1.6)
-Fixed tags not stretching out across the whole screen in landscape mode when album art is off

1.1.7 - Quick fix

I woke up this morning and saw a few error reporting showing stack overflows when trying to skip bad files.  I patched that up really quick and pushed an update

1.1.6 released on the android market and is on sale

GMMP will be 50% off up through 1/20

1.1.6 (01/13/2012):
-Added option to skip to the next track when an error occurs during playback (Preferences -> Audio -> Skip On Error)
-Position in list will be used instead of track number for songs in an album if no track number is present or is 0
-The scanner will now list more paths when clicking browse storage
-Added scanner option to allow for multiple folder albums (by default a new album is created for each folder)
-If album art is disabled, the tags will take up all of now playing instead of just half
-Enabled move to sd card feature (will break widgets if used)
-Album art download location is verified before trying to save an image
-Added 2 new On Playlist Completion Actions: Play Next Folder - Plays the folder after the just finished song, and Play Next File - Plays the next file after the just finished song.  This mode will make the previous track button play the previous file.
-Disc number tag is now read in and used…

Finishing up next update (1.1.6). Adds disc number tag support, move to sdcard, and more

I've finished coding the next update, but would like to test for a day or 2 before releasing it.  This will hopefully give the translations some time to update as well.

Some changes:

Disc Number Tag - Sorting an album by track number will now sort by disc number first before sorting by track number.  A full rescan is needed in order to pick up the disc number tags.  Also you may have to reselect the sort options in order for the proper ordering to take effect.

Move to sdcard enabled - Users will now have the option to move GMMP to their sdcard.  NOTE: Moving GMMP to the sdcard will completely break the widgets, so do not move gmmp to the sdcard if you want to properly use the widgets.

Multi-Folder albums scanner option - Enabling this scanner option will allow songs from the same album to be located in separate folders and still show up in the library under the same album.  This option will most likely slow the scan down on larger size libraries since every new file needs to be ch…


I took a little vacation from development for the holidays, but will begin again in a week or so.  There will be 2-3 more updates (minor changes and bug fixes) before I begin work on 1.2.  1.2 will mostly just be the addition of a theme system along with different color variations of the current theme.

During my break I have been working on updating documentation a bit.  I completely redid the 'The Basics' Guide, updated the scanner guide, and added documentation explaining preference in GMMP.

I wish everyone a happy new year and also want to say I have some cool new features planned for 2012.