Saturday, September 17, 2011


NOTE: FAQ is horribly outdated and will be updated for GMMP 3.0 when that is released.

This is a work in progress

Q: GMMP won't install.  I get an invalid signature error.
A: Uninstall the alpha before trying to install it from the market

Q: How can I fix GMMP when I get crashes / weird issues after an update.
A: Once in awhile when updating from google play, the android installer does not correctly apply a new update and this can cause issues.  If you start to experience weird issues after an update, it is recommended to uninstall and then reinstall GMMP.  GMMP settings and play stats can be saved and restored using Prefs -> General -> Backup

Q: Why can't it find my music?
A: The default directory is sdcard/Music/  If your collection is in other folders you can simply add the paths to the scanner.  (The sdcard on some devices is actually located at /sdcard-ext/ so try that as well)

Q: Why are all these ringtones and soundclips showing up in my library?
A: Try doing a clean scan with "Ignore folders with .nomedia".  This will ignore any folder with a file named .nomedia in it.  You can place a .nomedia file in the folders with the ringtones, or you can add that path to the "Ignore Paths" in the scanner

Q: Why doesn't the file browser show any files?
A: The browser will only show the folders (and subfolders) of the paths added to the scanner.  You will need to add your music paths to the scanner.  If you want to browse everything just add /sdcard/.

Q: Why does gapless playback not work?
A:  First check to see if you have it enabled (Preferences -> Audio -> Gapless Playback).  Also check the compatibility view to see if gapless is supported on your device (Preferences -> Audio -> Show Compatibility).  Lastly the audio file needs to be encoded properly in order to playback without gaps.  Both Itunes and LAME will encode the files with the proper metadata for gapless.

Q: Why does the audio skip?
A: There is a guide on reducing the skipping here. If none of that works then unfortunately your device is just not powerful enough to run GMMP.  Features like flac playback, the equalizer and gapless playback all require more cpu then the stock player.

Q: Some of the buttons on the top are off the screen.  How do I get to them?
A: That top area is scrollable, so simply drag it left or right to access the remaining views.

Q: How can I prevent album art from zooming in too close in the Now Playing view?
A: Preferences -> Now Playing -> Album Art Scale Type : Try fit center or fit end.  Both will fit the whole image into the view.

Q: How do I enable EQ or L/R balance controls?
A: From the equalizer view press menu and select 'Toggle EQ'

Q: Why doesn't volume button override to change tracks work
A: Unfortunately this feature only works with the screen on and the player in focus.  I've been searching everywhere how to intercept the presses in a better fashion but haven't found anything. Please contact me if anyone knows how to properly intercept the keypresses with the screen off.

Q: Why does GMMP use so much memory?
A: Unlike most players, GMMP uses a custom built media library instead of the built in android library.  The android media library stores all its data in "Media Storage" whereas all the music metadata in GMMP is stored within the app.  GMMP also has a custom built underlying media player that it can use instead of the built in media player which uses additional memory as well.

Q: How do I get rid of duplicate entries in the media library?
A: You can remove identical entries by going to preferences -> scanner -> menu button -> clean database.  If you have two duplicate entries that have different capitalization (a Day to Remember vs A Day To Remember), you can either use the tag editor to make them the same or do a rescan with the "Format Album/Artist" option checked in the scanner.

Q: How do I stop the MusicService from running? Backing out of GMMP doesn't stop it.
A: Press the menu button and select the "Exit" option .  This will shutdown the MusicService

Q: Why do some m4a files not play?
A: Some m4a files can contain data that the default media player cannot read.  Enable gapless playback to force GMMP to use its custom audioengine which should handle every type of m4a file.

Q: Why do the widgets not update properly
A: If you recently updated GMMP, you may need to re-add the widgets for them to properly update.

Q: GMMP really lags my device sometimes during playback.
A: By default the playback/decoding is given a very high priority on the device which means it will take priority over other applications in order to give smooth playback.  Priorities can be lowered in Preferences -> Audio -> Playback Priority / Decoding Priority

Q: How can I play an album on repeat?
A: Preferences -> Queue-> On Queue Completion -> Loop Queue

Q: GMMP is not responding to my remote control or another app that is trying to control playback (ie Tasker).
A: To get gmmp to respond to the standard media control intents enable: Preferences -> General -> Enable Headset/Remote

Q: Where can I find more documentation?
A: I put up some guides here.  They might be slightly out of date but most of the information should still apply.