Thursday, October 31, 2013

New GMMP Logo Preview

The GMMP logo is going to be replaced in 1.5.  I spent a bunch of time using GIMP to try and create something much more simple, yet still distinguish GMMP from the other music players.

New launcher icon and a grey status icon following the android ui guidlines
Launcher icon on homescreen along with the new default album cover in the widget
Default album cover in list view
Default cover in the notifications
This is what the default cover looks like if you have it enabled in now playing (off by default)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Posted an update with some more fixes including one that would cause random crashes for many users of more powerful android devices. (10/13/2013):
-Fixed silent crash that would occur randomly when changing tracks (and some other situations)
-Added album art support for APEv2 tags
-Caught and handled some various exceptions
-Updated Spanish and German translations (09/15/2013):
-Fixed bug where you couldnt play a song in a playlist after changing to another tab
-Fixed bug where playlist changes failed to save
-Album art downloader will no longer try to find the album art if both the album and artist are blank
-Updated russian translation

For some reason blogger isnt letting me update the links to the right so here they are - ARM - x86 PRE 2.1