Wednesday, September 21, 2011

0.26.2 - 0.26.4

I have been doing a lot more quick fixes/updates in the last few days .  The changelog is underneath.  I have posted gmmp on both the android market and on appslib (which is mainly meant for tablets).  Be sure to give my app a rating on whichever market you used to download it.

All the major issues seem to be fixed so I am going to  concentrate on making the user interface much better looking.

0.26.4 (09/21/2011):
-Exit option will no longer prompt you to confirm
-Reset option added to EQ view
-Added "ignore albumartist tag" to the scanner

-Fixed music service from reverting to a background service after an orientation change
-Clearing the playlist will now properly clear the now playing screen if needed
-Music service should now always properly shutdown when exiting
-Fixed WidgetUpdateService from starting when it shouldnt

0.26.3 (09/20/2011):
-Added preference to keep notification up when paused.
    Preferences->General->Show When Paused (defaults to off)
-Notification no longer flashes a ticker saying the music service is running
-When playback is stopped (playlist ended or gmmp is first started) the 'Play Next'
    option will add the selection to the playlist and immediately start playing it
-Added 2 additional options to the On Playlist Completion preference
    -Play Random Album: Picks a random album and plays it
    -Play Rest Of Album: Takes the last track in the current playlist, and plays
    the rest of that tracks album
-Exit should remove notification now
-Fixed crash when selecting play next with an empty playlist

0.26.2 (09/18/11):
-Fixed nullpointer exception when all the optional quick nav buttons are disabled