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Video - Playlist Editing (0.25 feature)

I'm wrapping up the next release so its time for me to start posting info on some of the features.  Here is a video of the new edit mode for the playlist.  When enabled you can drag tracks around by pressing on the double arrow icon.  If you drag the item all the way to the right it will remove it from the playlist when you release your finger.

Guide: The Basics

Edit: This guide is fairly outdated, but some things still apply.  Check the forums for more updated information.

When first starting gmmp, you will want to scan in all your music.  Read the scanning guide here.  Also be sure to check out all the preferences available here.


Title Bar: At the very top there is a title bar which is always visible.  It will say the current view that is selected.  On the right side of the title bar, there is an arrow icon which will toggle visibility of the Navigation Bar which is right below the title bar.

Navigation Bar:  The navigation bar lets you easily switch between the majority of views in GMMP.  The navigation bar is scrollable and it's location can be configured for both portrait and landscape mode in the preferences (Preferences -> UI).  Most of the views can be hidden via the preferences as well (Preferences -> Enabled Views).

Now Playing:

This is considered the main screen.  Hitting the back arrow from any other view…

Minor Patch - 0.24.1

Download here

0.24.1: (08/15/11)
-Plus/minus buttons on the eq will now keep incrementing if you hold it in

-Corrected artist and album counts in db stats
-Fixed gradient on horizontal seek bar in EQ

0.24 Released - Album Artist support, EQ and Browser improvement, and much much more

There are a lot of changes in this version.  I went into detail on a few of the changes in my last post.  I provided screenshots of some of the other changes at the end of this post.

Download 0.24.1 Alpha

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention was I did include 7 presets for the equalizer.   They were designed and optimized for 10 bands, but the values are interpolated for any band count lower than 10.

Edit 2: A rescan is needed in order for the Album Artist tag to be picked up

0.24: (08/12/11)
-Library: Album artist support (Menu -> Artists/Album Artists to toggle in artist view)
-Library: Added sorting options for the artist, album, genre, and song views
-Playlist: Added option to delete playlist
-Music Service: Playback position is now saved when exiting and restored when gmmp is opened again.
-Browser: Made visual improvements to the browser view
-Browser: Files in the browser will now have their tags scanned by default so "artist - trackname"
            is d…

Preview: 0.24

Here is a quick preview of some of the changes in 0.24.  Screenshots were taken on cyanogenmod 7 which is gingerbread.  I should be finished by the end of the week.

Album Artist Tag Support:
Audio tags not only can contain tags for the artist and the album, but also a tag for the "album artist".  The album artist tag is used in compilations or mixed albums from electronic artists.  The artist view in gmmp now lets you toggle between viewing only the artists or only the album artists.  This allows less clutter in the list (take a look at the black sun empire entries and you will see the difference)

File Browser Improvements: A bunch of various visual improvements were made.  There is also an option for the browser to read in the tags and replace the filename with "Artist - Songname".

Sorting Options for Library Views: Artist, album, genre, and song views now have sorting options
Customizable QuickNavBar: You can now enable/disable all the views except now playing and t…

Guide: Reducing audio skipping and stuttering

Many of the advanced features of gmmp can consume a good amount of cpu so this is a guide for getting playback as smooth as possible.

To start I would like to explain why these features can consume a lot of CPU time.  In order to provide some of the advanced features like gapless playback, equalization, and extra format (flac, wv, wma, ape) support I had to write my own code to read in the audio data, decode it, then send it to the audio device for output. I will refer to this as the "audioengine". Normally you can just use a built in java class (MediaPlayer)provided by google to play an audio track, but the features I mentioned are simply not possible to do with the MediaPlayer class.

As time goes on it seems google is adding more features that make it possible to do some of these things just by simply using the built in API.  Examples of this are equalizer support in 2.3+ and flac support in 3.1+.  GMMP is smart enough to use the built in features when possible, then fall …

Guide: How to setup and use the equalizer

Setting up the equalizer
To setup what type of equalizer you want, go to the equalizer preferences (Preferences -> Audio -> Equalizer)

Number of bands: Choose anywhere from 2-10 bands.  A band represents a range of frequencies that you can adjust the gain for.  Each band will add more cpu processing, so only choose the amount you need.  5 is a good number to start with. 

Quality:  GMMP includes 3 different DSP filters that can be used by the equalizer.  To simplify things, each filter is associated with a different quality setting.
-Default (Recommended):  This is a RBJ Bi-quad filter.  The quality is good, but it has the worst freqency response out of the 3.
-High:  This is a 1st-Order Butterworth filter.  This has a much better frequency response, so gain adjustments to one band will have less effect on adjacent bands.
-Highest: This is a 2nd-Order Butterworth filter which has a very good frequency response.  This is very CPU intensive (around 6+ bands on an HTC thunderbolt res…

0.23 Released - Equalizer, preamp, shuffle modes, and launcher icon added

I decided to split the equalizer/dsp task over 2 releases.  This one contains most of the good stuff, but there are a few immediate tasks involving the EQ that I will address in 0.24.  I wanted to get this out the door so people can start testing.  I will be doing 2 more posts, one being full instructions for the equalizer and the second are tips/settings to tweak to assure you get smooth playback.

The equalizer can be configured to have anywhere from 2 to 10 bands.  The center frequencies for the 5 band and 10 band are fairly standard, but I made up an equation to generate the frequencies for all the others.  That equation may need to be tweaked a bit so if any of the bands sound off please let me know.  Also note I did not include any presets for the EQ.  That is planned in 0.24

Known "Issues":
If you have gapless playback off.. and enable/disable the EQ it will stop the currently playing track.  If you plan on toggling the EQ on and off frequently, turn on gapless playba…