Sunday, March 31, 2013

1.4.9 Preview

1.4.9 will add the ability to view and edit playlists from the playlists tab.  This has been a frequently requested feature so I figured it was about time to include it.  There will also be 2 other UI changes.  The queue will now show some statistics about queue like total time and the browser will now show the current folder position.  The update should be out hopefully by the end of the week.  You will be able to turn both of these off if the old look is preferred.

Friday, March 15, 2013

1.4.8 - 24/96 + 24/192 FLAC support

Note that external dsp support is now off by default and you must enable it in the preferences.

1.4.8 (03/15/2013):
-Improved resampling: sample rates higher than 48khz now supported and multi channel audio is now downmixed to stereo (for most formats)
-Musepack file now play back at the correct volume
-Fixed another issue with certain files playing back at incorrect speeds
-Added /mnt/external_SD and /mnt/external to the default external sdcard location list
-Added File Extension (%ext%) and Next File Extension (%next%) to the custom metadata options
-Re-prioritized local image search to pick images named 'folder' first, then 'cover', then anything containing 'front'
-Added skipping/stuttering warning when increasing the equalizer quality setting
-Added option to toggle shuffle queue and collection individually to the gesture and singlebutton action list
-Clicking on an album cover in the song list view will now follow the Song Actions preferences (On Select Playing, On Select Stopped)
-Long pressing the album cover in the song list view will bring up the album context menu
-Browser sorting is now persisted
-Added option to flash the playing song in the status bar when playback is started or the track changes (Prefs -> General -> Show In Status Bar)
-Added option to stop playback when another music player starts playing (Prefs -> Audio -> Stop On AudioFocus Loss)
-Added individual gesture actions for: jump to artist, albumartist, album, genre, and folder.
-Fixed bug where orientation would change even if the device had auto rotated disabled
-%aa% and %naa% will use the artist tag if the album artist tag is not present
-Added preference for enabling external dsp support (Prefs -> Audio -> Equalizer -> Use External Dsp).  It is off by default.


I've been working on adding a few resampler to gmmp for the last week that will allow playback of sample rates higher than 48khz.  It also allows the proper resampling of surround sound files down to stereo (gmmp would only use the first 2 channels before).  I hope to have this completed soon.

Older devices might not have cpus fast enough to handle the resampling (droid eris wasnt able to) but I am hoping most phones will be able to do it.  I've tested on the galaxy nexus and htc thunderbolt and they could handle 24/192 flac files.

Monday, March 4, 2013

1.4.7 - External dsp support + performance improvements

I've been working mostly for the last 2 weeks on improving the audioengine performance.  HTC devices in particular would stutter like crazy when the screen was off (even top of the line htc devices like the one x).  The tweaks i made seem to fix most of those stuttering issues.  I also discovered how to let gmmp work with external dsps like dspmanager, which was a request I got from numerous users.

I mentioned it in the changelog but your buffer settings and priorities have been reset due to the audioengine tweaks made.  I wanted everyone back on the defaults to start.

1.4.7 (03/04/2013):
-Fixed crash related to invalid min audio buffer size
-The next track in now playing will now properly update after reordering the queue
-Fixed notification related crash
-Fixed some instances where the seekbar would jump back to the beginning temporarily when playing
-Improved seekbar accuracy with the equalizer enabled
-Improved seek response time
-Slightly reduced default memory usage
-Tweaked the audioengine for improved performance and less stuttering when screen is off (problem with many HTC devices)
-Reset buffer size, dsp priority, and decoder priority in the settings due to the tweaks mentioned above
-Audiofocus is now regained after resuming playback
-External dsps like DspManager should now work with GMMP