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Based on the crash reports, I got there were no major issues with 1.5 besides a few minor features that stopped working.  I fixed the broken features that were reported and tried to get as many crashes fixed up that I could.

I will be moving into a new place this weekend so I will probably be mostly unavailable for the next week or so.

Please note that any user that purchased the unlocker through amazon needs to install the trial through amazon as well.  Amazon resigns all the apks that I upload making the incompatible with google play. (02/27/2014):
-Fixed 'Traditional Back Button' option and 'Double Back to Exit'
-The edit preset button is now enabled when the default preset is set
-Show album art is now enabled by default as a menu option in now playing
-Screen rotation will no longer reset the album art search text
-Added warning if the installed unlocker is invalid.  An outdated version or an incompatible version (amazon unlocker with google play trial) w…

Galaxy S4 no sound issue

Samsung's 4.3 update for the S4 (and potentially some other samsung devices) has caused some issues with playback, one being no sound when listening to music.  I have witnessed this myself if a certain combination of settings are used.

Potential Fixes

Disable bass boost and the virtualizer.  These features are audio effects that are built into the android operating system.  GMMP simply turns them on/off and sets the strength.  After the 4.3 update, these effects can potentially not work well with GMMPBe sure the GMMP eq is turned on.  Just like the bass boost and virtualizer, the android EQ can cause conflicts with playback.  Be sure the GMMP eq is enabled in the preferences (prefs -> audio -> equalizer -> use GMMP EQ)Try turning off external dsps such as DspManager.  Some of these external dsps use the same built in android effects that cause conflicts with playback.  You can also turn off external dsps in the gmmp settings (prefs -> audio -> equalizer -> use exte…

GoneMAD Music Player 1.5 Now Released! On sale for $0.99 up through March 2nd.

GoneMAD Music Player 1.5 Now Released!  On sale for $0.99 up through March 2nd.



1.5.0 (02/21/2014):

-Rewrote UI to use fragments and loaders. The UI should now be smoother and more responsive
-Added swiping between views (right bezel swipe only in now playing to allow for gestures)
-Added option to disable swipe navigation (Prefs -> UI -> Swipe Navigation)
-Added Split mode for tablets (Prefs -> UI -> Split Mode)
-Replaced Equalizer tab with a new Effects tab
-Added playback speed control with auto pitch correction
-Added virtualizer and bass boost
-Added the ability to select the font size, font style, number of lines, display style, and text alignment for each metadata line in now playing
-Added album field to the file/track tag editor
-Added play next album and play previous album to the gesture/single button actions.  Flin…

1.5 Beta 4

I been working like crazy over the last 2 weeks to try and finish up 1.5, so here is the last 1.5 beta release.  Anything after this will just be bug fixes.  I've finished one of the skins and will be doing the rest of the skins this week (I'll probably have the other holo skins up tomorrow).  Check this post for links for the skins:
1.5.b4.0 (02/10/2014): -Removed classic silver and classic cyan skins (they will available as external skins eventually) -Added the ability to select the font size, font style, number of lines, display style, and text alignment for each metadata line in now playing -Changed around the default look of the metadata on now playing.  Text is centered and the icons are turned off. All six slots have been reset to make sure these changes take effect. -Reset all the slots -Changed single click and hold's default action to none to prevent accidentally toggling shuffle -Removed shuffle …