Thursday, July 25, 2013

Updated for Android 4.3

There were some compatibility issues with 4.3 which was released earlier today, so I fixed those problems along with a few other fixes and put out a new update. (07/25/2013):
-Updated for android 4.3
-File scanner will now read files in a folder in alphabetical order
-Russian and Chinese translations updated
-Fixed for icons showing incorrectly in folders with cue files
-Fixed potential crash in tag editor
-Fixed rare crash when loading the audioengine libraries
-Fixed crash caused by an invalid saved playlist position

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Moving forward (1.5/2.0)

I've mentioned many times how I planned on doing a big UI overhaul and that time is finally here.  The current GMMP was designed back when honeycomb was first released and since that was tablet only and not very good, it was mostly ignored by developers.  The UI itself is mostly custom code I wrote since the widgets at the time were just not enough for what I wanted to do.  Since then we've seen google release the UI guidelines and 3rd party libraries become popular like ActionBarSherlock that just make the whole user experience so much better than it used to be.

For the last year I've put my focus into adding features/customization that I felt were necessary in a good music player.  I've done minor UI changes here and there but for the most part things have been pretty similar for awhile.  In general it is hard to design a new UI when your feature set is constantly changing.  With the release 1.4.16, I believe there is a solid feature set in place to build a new UI around.

Since the existing UI is basically from the gingerbread era, everything first needs to be converted over to be fragment based (which was introduced in 3.0 and is heavily used in most newer apps).  Since this is a very large task itself (GMMP Activities/UI code is probably somewhere between 20k-30k lines of code), I've decided to split the overhaul into 2 major releases.

1.5 is going to focus on getting the current UI into fragments and to start adding some basic tablet optimized layouts.  Another big thing that will be added is an "Effects" view/fragment that will be an addition to the existing equalizer.  It will allow users to adjust playback speed between 0.5x and 2.0x the regular playback rate and the ability to automatically correct the pitch.  I also plan on adding in the additional effects that is provided by the android sdk like bass boost, a virtualizer, and reverb.

Once everything is based on fragments, work on 2.0 will begin.  This will mostly be a redesign.  I don't know how much the overall look of the app will change, but the focus will be on improving the user experience.  Things like multi-select, mini player controls accessible from all views, and just much finer customization on what is displayed on all the other views will be the focus.  Those hoping for a cards like UI will be disappointed.  The cards style UI is nice but it really wastes way too much space to be usable for a music player.  There is a possibility of an extra skin with a look like that, but I will not guarantee anything.  I do also plan on doing a new GMMP icon, something a bit more simple.  The sidebar is also something I would like to try to include, but I will not force it on all the users.  The current navigation style will always be an available option.

Anyway, I cannot give a good estimate how long it will take for either 1.5 or 2.0 to be finished.  I've done work with fragments in the past so the concept is not entirely new to me.  There will definitely be at least an update or 2 for 1.4.16.x in the meantime to fix any bugs or update any translation.

As with the previous major releases of GMMP, there will be public betas available.  They will be offered straight through google play this time around most likely.  To sign up for the beta program, follow the directions on the forums.

Friday, July 19, 2013 /

Minor updates fixing some crashes (07/18/2013):
-Fixed crash when long pressing a smart playlist and selecting play (07/15/2013):
-Fixed crash on startup for ARMv7 devices running gingerbread

I was planning on doing a post about 1.5/2.0 tonight but I was notified that one of my favorite bands was in town tonight (Amaranthe, the band on the main gmmp image on google play), so my night was busy with that.  Im gone for the weekend so i'll try to post something early next week.  It'll be awhile until 1.5 is done but I like to keep the community informed on my plans

Sunday, July 14, 2013


This should be the last update of the 1.4.x line (there could possibly be one more update with bug fixes of they pop up).  It contains a bunch of odds and end I wanted to add in before moving on to the UI rework.  I have already started some work on 1.5.  There will be another post later this week on what you can expect for the next major update.

Edit: If gmmp crashes on startup be sure to update to  There seemed to be some compatibility issues with ARMv7 devices running gingerbread.

1.4.16 (07/14/2013):
-Embedded album art will now correctly show on the ICS lockscreen controls
-Fixed potential ANR when changing repeat modes
-Added 'Date Added' sorting order
-Pressing the 'Playlists' tab a second time will now reset the view
-'Ignore Prefix When Sorting' now applies to album lists when sorting by artist
-Fixed album count in the genre view for artists in multiple genres
-Added default replaygain setting to use when no RG tags are found
-Improved handling of corrupt id3v2 tags
-Fixed bitrate calculation for opus files and very large flac files
-Added 'Most Played' as a new default smart playlist (will only be created on installation)
-Added ability to rename playlist files
-Pressing next track when at the end of the queue will now loop the queue if "On Queue Completion" is set to stop
-Added Year, Artist sorting order to the album tab
-Album art opacity now applies to custom background images
-Added option to stop playback after each track (Prefs -> Playback -> Stop After Each Track)
-Long press of shuffle button is now configurable (Play Random Album or Start Shuffle Collection)
-Added advanced remote controls (double/triple/click&hold/etc actions can be set for next/prev/ffwd/rwd/stop).  This is not compatible with some bluetooth devices and headsets
-Reset all the auto pause/play options and switched the preferences to a multiple option checklist.  You can select Wired, Bluetooth, and/or Dock
-Fixed issue where playback would pause/resume when it was not supposed to when connecting/disconnecting to car bluetooth audio
-All tracks in a smart playlist will now be added to the queue when playing a single track from the smart playlists
-A few misc bug fixes

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4th of July Sale - 50% off

I marked GMMP down to $1.99 for the holidays.  The sale will extend through July 7th