Friday, June 29, 2012


Nothing major in this update, just a bunch more fixes.   Just like I did with 1.2.x, I wont be moving on to any major new features until 1.3.x is as stable/bug free as possible.

1.3.4 (06/29/12):
-Files that have invalid metadata and read in as having 0 channels will now default to stereo
-Fixed issue where album art doesnt change when the track changes
-Added support for asus transformer external sdcard path ("/Removable/")
-Improved finding files from playlists made on other devices
-'Playlist' and 'Search' views can now be removed from the navigation bar
-Fixed issue where the playing indicator in the browser would point to the wrong song after deleting the playing track
-Handle possible exception in the ICS lockscreen
-Prev/Next folder now work when no scan folders are defined
-Fixed issues where some mp3 files would playback at a much slower rate
-Stability fixes in the audioengine

Friday, June 22, 2012

1.3.3: More fixes

I was finally able to reproduce consistently a freeze that I've been getting reports on for a long time, so I think I finally was able to fix it.  The issue was related to stopping playback / shutting down the app.

1.3.3 (06/22/12):
-Fixed bug where notification area does not hide when selecting the notification controls
-Fixed possible crash when changing tracks from remote controls
-Fixed some issues on first install
-Fixed issue where album art background would not change
-Fixed some shutdown issues
-Fixed issue where playback would stop if you changed orientation back and forth really fast
-Other stability fixes

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1.3.1 - 1.3.2: Stability fixes

1.3.2 (06/19/12):
-Fixed crash using black background in some skins
-Fixed crash when trying to get currently playing track
-Fixed crash updating notification controls
-Fixed crash when modifying the playlist
-Fixed case where lockscreen's orientation would not stay locked
-Updated translations
-Made some tweaks to the audioengine to increase stability
-Fixed issue with cuesheets where the track would not change when shuffle was enabled
-'Disable ICS lockscreen' preference is now only enabled on ICS and newer devices
-'Scanner -> Show Database Stats' should now be translated
-Fixed bug where pressing pause would resume playback immediately after

1.3.1 (06/15/12):
-Fix crash in the classic dark blue and classic red skins when using the lockscreen

Thursday, June 14, 2012

GMMP 1.3 Released! ReplayGain, cuesheet, bookmarking, 6 new skins, and much more.

After about a month and a half of hard work, 1.3 is finally available for download on google play and this blog.  I've gone with the pendulum screenshot for the main image for a long long time and with the new album art as a background feature I decided to pick a new song to use.

1.3.0 (06/14/12):
New Features:
-Added ReplayGain support
-Added single file cuesheet support (.cue files)
-Added manual bookmark option to the now playing menu
-Added auto bookmarking options (Preferences -> Audio -> Bookmarks)
-Added option to remove a song from the active playlist after it is played (Prefs -> Playlist -> Remove After Played)
-Added dsp limiter with customizable attack and release settings (reduces audio distortion and clipping)
-Added EQ and Limiter toggle buttons to the equalizer view
-Added 9 new EQ presets: Bass Max, Bass & Treble, Classical, Techno, Club, Reggae, Soft, Rap, and Metal
-Notification controls added to 3.0+
-The current playing file now has a play indicator next to it in the browser view
-Added menu option 'Jump To Playing' to Browser which will jump to the folder of the playing file
-Support for album art embedded in ogg files
-Added support for album art in WMA files under the 'WM/Picture' tag
-Album artist tag is now read from MPC files
-Added option to use album art as the background (Prefs -> UI -> Album Art Background)
-Added fade in transition when changing album art
-Added 'Gallery' option to the manual album art selector.  This will let you use another app (gallery) to choose the image.
-Added option to ignore tags in the playlist view. Filename is used in the trackname slot and folder is used in the artist slot. (Prefs -> Playlist -> Ignore Tags)
-Added option to show gmmp logo as default album art. Its off by default (Prefs -> Now Playing -> Use Default Cover)
-Added option to start the browser in the folder that the playing file is in (Prefs -> Library -> Browser -> Start In Playing Folder)
-Added option to disable ICS lockscreen controls (Prefs -> General -> Lockscreen Controls -> Disable ICS Lockscreen Controls)

Improvements / Changes:
-Gesture preferences now show the selected gesture action in the summary
-Tag slot preferences now show the selected metadata tag in the summary
-Deleted files are now removed from active playlist after cleaning the database
-Removed Toggle EQ menu option and EQ Status from equalizer view
-'Browse Storage' now shows all the folders in alphabetical order
-ICS lockscreen controls (RemoteControlClient) now includes album art
-Play notifications for 2.3 and below now show Artist and Trackname on separate lines
-Album art selector will now let you delete the current image being used
-Added delete confirmation when clearing the album art cache
-Made scrolling the lists a bit smoother
-Split 'Auto Play/Pause' into 2 seperate options. One for auto pause and one for auto resume.  Both are now enabled by default.
-Added an option to change DSP priority. The DSP used the playback priority previously. Prefs -> Audio -> Dsp Priority
-Local album art search will prioritize images in this order: "cover", "folder", filename containing "front", and finally the remaining images alphabetically
-MPC decoder now uses fixed point math which significantly speeds up processing
-Tags are cached and no longer rescanned when scrolling a folder in the file browser
-Embedded art should now show up when viewing an album's track list
-Translations updated
-Default crossfade time changed from 5 seconds to 1 second
-Xiph tags are now checked when looking for album art in FLAC files
-Embedded album art images are now thumbnailed for the album list view

-Fixed preamp gain calculations (+10db will double volume, -10db will cut volume in half)
-ActionBar is now properly skinned
-Fixed crash when changing tracks with shuffle collection enabled and playback wasnt started yet
-Fixed bug on new installs where the navigation bar's skin gets changed when first opening the preferences
-Playlists with ".." in the filenames should now load properly
-Fixed issue where pressing next track twice would only change tracks once
-Fixed bug when saving/restoring state
-Fixed crash when crossfading to a file that is unplayable
-Cyan and silver skin now show the correct background instead of album art
-Save playlist and save preset edit text box is now skinned
-Fixed crash that can occur in the error log using an external skin
-Fixed delay in pausing on bluetooth disconnect on 3.0+ devices
-Fixed action bar background for main view and about view for external skins
-Fixed crash with crossfade and some mp3 files
-Fixed issue issue where libraries views dont refresh properly when viewing an album
-Fixed issue where the search text box becomes unclickable
-Fixed issue where some FLAC embedded album art would not show

More new screenshots:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

1.3 Release Date + New Skins Preview

1.3 is now complete and will be released on Google Play on Thursday 6/14.  Testing will continue to go up through then, but I am confident there will not be any setbacks.  In the meantime, I will try to finish up holo themes for the rest of the main colors.  They take roughly 30-60 minutes each so there should be plenty of time to do a bunch of new skins.

Holo Black and White Skin

ICS Holo Green Skin

Thursday, June 7, 2012

1.3 Beta 3 - Cuesheet support

Cue files are finally supported in gmmp!  Currently only single file .cue files can be read, but hopefully the full .cue spec will be supported along with embedded cuesheets.  You will want to run a scan on your collection to process any .cue files you have.


Check the forum thread for the full details of all the new features in 1.3

Here is a screenshot of what a single mp3 + cue looked like originally in the library

Here is what it now looks like in the browser (in this example I have a long mp3 + cue in a folder with some other shorter mp3s)

Now after the cue was scanned, the single file is now split up into individual tracks in the library that act pretty much exactly like non split audio files