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3.0 Work In Progress 1: New theme engine and now playing

I'd like to start off by saying that GMMP 3.0 is a long long way from being complete, but I have made some progress so I wanted to share whats been done so far.

New Theme Engine In 2.x, GMMP had 2 main theme types: Holo and Material.  The holo themes leveraged a library called HoloAccent which reimplemented all of the UI elements in a dynamically color-able holo style.  The material themes used the android compatibility library and required each theme to be predefined in xml.  I generated roughly 1000 or so different color combinations and thats what was available to choose from.  On top of that, a lot of custom code had to be placed through out the UI code to make sure everything colored properly.
GMMP 3.0 will feature a new theme engine that will do the dynamic coloring of Material themes.  That unfortunately means there will no longer be any holo themes.  Google keeps releasing updates that break parts of that holo accent library, so I decided to drop it.  Anyway the new engine…