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1.9.14 (2.0 Beta 5)

I just pushed beta 5 to google play.  At this point i will just be fixing bugs and maybe a minor tweak here or there to get 2.0 ready for public release.  Any of the previously remaining tasks have been moved over to the 2.1 todo list

1.9.14 (2.0 Beta 5) (02/25/2015):
-Renaming views now applies to the acitvity title
-Library sorting preferences have been reset
-Added fast scroll indexer to library views and playlist view
-Fixed issue where a song would only scrobble once when repeat one was enabled
-Another attempt at fixing playlists loading out of order when scrolling fast
-Fixed custom background art setting for holo themes (gradient selection was also removed)
-Fixed potential crash when crossfading album art
-Background color is now configurable (in the theme builder section)
-Added option to choose whether to show embedded art over manually selected album art (Prefs -> General -> Album Art -> Prefer embedded art)
-Added plus/minus buttons to the tempo adjustment dialog