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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 10a/10b

3.0 Alpha 10a (06/26/19):

Updated manifest to maybe help gmmp show up as a default music player... maybe

Playing albums/artists/etc from a smart playlist detail view should now only play tracks that match the smart playlist rules
Fixed some smart playlist crashes

3.0 Alpha 10b (06/30/19):

Added sort by rating to track list and album details view

Fixed album artist list from showing all artists


GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 10

Album art downloading has now be readded back to gmmp in alpha 10.  The process should much easier to deal with compared to 2.x.  Now all possible images are shown at once in an image grid similar to the album list view.  

Text under each image will give more explanation.  If the image is local to your device, it will say either "Current Image", "In Folder", or "Embedded" depending on where gmmp found the image.  After that it will show various resolution images found online.  Very large will be the full resolution, Large is 1000x1000, Medium 800x800, and Small is 600x600.  Select a new image for the album and the rest of the UI will update to reflect the new album art.
Another significant capability added in Alpha 10 is the ability to set the top level view used for smart playlists (referred to in the UI as "group by".  You can now set the top level to be Album, Album Artist, Artist, Composer, Genre, or Track.

The following images will show the…