Sunday, January 27, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 7

Alpha 7 adds the ability to play smart playlists and rate tracks.  Editing of smart playlists will be in alpha 8 but you can currently use gmmp 2.x to edit/create smart playlists and they will work fine with 3.0.  During my rewrite of the smart playlists I was able to add the ability for more complex logic for the rules.  Previously it was either all "AND" or all "OR", but now (granted its just behind the scenes currently) ANDs and ORs can be mixed together ie: (Playcount > 1 OR Rating > 4) AND Genre Like "Rock".  This will be possible once the smart playlist editor UI is created for the next alpha.

I have also created a discord channel for support since Google+ is eventually being shut down.

GMMP 3.0 Alpha 7 (01/27/19):

Added ability to play smart playlist files
Added smart playlist list view
Added ability to play smart playlist files (spl) from external file managers
Added song info to queue context menu
Added playcount to song info dialog (will show if playcount > 0)
Updated dependencies
Add to Playlist added to playlist details view and queue view
Song info added to playlist details, folder, bookmark, and queue view
Added ability to delete cue files
Added context menu option to rate tracks

Improved sdcard write access check performance
Album Year sortings will always list tracks in ascending order by disc/track number

Fixed rating field in song info dialog
Temporarily disabled double tap to delete gesture
Fixed issue where jump to playing dialog would display twice
Fixed crash when deleting playing track


3.0 Alpha 7a (01/28/2019):

Note: There are currently some issues with randomly ordered smart playlists that will worked out in a future patch
Fixed crash opening search ui
Fixed all text operators in smart playlists
Fixed sort order when playing/enqueing a smart playlist from the smart playlist list
Disabled fast scroll popup in the smart playlist details view
Actually disabled the delete gesture for real this time
Fixed playing a file in a smart playlist with random sort order (only selected song will play however)