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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 7

Alpha 7 adds the ability to play smart playlists and rate tracks.  Editing of smart playlists will be in alpha 8 but you can currently use gmmp 2.x to edit/create smart playlists and they will work fine with 3.0.  During my rewrite of the smart playlists I was able to add the ability for more complex logic for the rules.  Previously it was either all "AND" or all "OR", but now (granted its just behind the scenes currently) ANDs and ORs can be mixed together ie: (Playcount > 1 OR Rating > 4) AND Genre Like "Rock".  This will be possible once the smart playlist editor UI is created for the next alpha.

I have also created a discord channel for support since Google+ is eventually being shut down.

GMMP 3.0 Alpha 7 (01/27/19):

Added ability to play smart playlist files
Added smart playlist list view
Added ability to play smart playlist files (spl) from external file managers
Added song info to queue context menu
Added play…