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1.4.10 - Expanded Notifications

1.4.10 (04/25/2013):
-Added "ignore year" option to the scanner. 'Smart' will ignore the year in songs with "hits", "best of", "collection", "compilation", or "various artist" in the album name and in the same folder when grouping into an album
-Added simple/detail style options to notification controls. Detailed = original version; simple uses the standard fonts and only shows track name, artist, album art, and controls.
-Adjusted formatting of detailed notification controls to line up the album art with other notifications
-Added queue position before the song title in the detailed notification controls
-Added 'Show Album Art' option for the notification controls (4.0+ only)
-Added new gesture/single button actions: Toggle Mono, Play Random From Queue, Rating Up, and Rating Down
-Added artist sort to songs view (Orders by artist name, album, disc no, then finally track no)
-Added option to wrap long text in …

Expanded notification preview

I spent today working on 3 things.

1) Tweaking the original notification controls to line up a bit better with the other notifications.  Notice the album art now is the same size as the other icons and the text is lined up as well.  I am still keeping the font sizes/styles since I am not sure 3 lines can fit using the other font.  That is something I will experiment with down the line but will stay the same for now.

 2) Adding expanded notifications for 4.1+.  Control wise I am still keeping it basic with prev/next/play/pause, but would like to put some other buttons in sometime in the future.  I did add an X button which will pause playback then shut down the music service.

3)  A new "simpler" notification style.  It does not show as much detail but looks more like normal notifications.  There will be a setting the preferences to switch between the 2

More fixes and a pretty good improvement on the music service timeout feature.  The service should exit after 5 minutes of inactivity (assuming the UI isnt showing) regardless of how you leave GMMP (back button or home) (04/17/2013):
-Fixed issue where lockscreen would not populate metadata about the next track, rating, or playlist position
-Now playing no long clears all the metadata after deleting the current track's album art
-Songs from different albums are no longer grouped together when they are in the same folder but have the same album name (the year must be different)
-Fixed mp3 duration calculation for files that use the VBRI header instead of the Xing header
-Improved 'Music Service Timeout'.  The service should now timeout if you left gmmp with the home button
-Fixed issue where lockscreen does not show
-Updated translations

1.4.9.x - translation updates + bug fixes (04/12/2013):
-Added traditional Chinese translation
-Updated translations
-Fixed Musepack playback with replaygain enabled
-Fixed rare case where playback wakelock does not get properly released
-Fixed rare case where an empty notification would display and not go away
-Fixed crash when trying to display file paths with certain characters in the browser location bar
-Fixed nullptr crash in the widgets
-Error reports no longer accept in the email field. This should be your email address.
-Fixed issue where the wrong menu would display for the playlists tab (04/07/2013):
-Handled exception when getting the default background fails
-Fixed crash when trying to save the state of the playlist files tab
-Fixed crash when trying to paste something into gmmp

DashClock Music Extension - 1.4.0 - Spotify support

I just pushed an update to the music extension.  It should be available for download in a few hours.

-Added partial Spotify support (Accessibility must be enabled for this extension. Prefs -> Enable Accessibility)
-Added pause icon to show when playback is paused and 'Show When Paused' is enabled
-Added permission for optional donations (in app purchase).  This extension will always be 100% free but donations are welcome.

1.4.9 Released

I'm really happy with how 1.4.9 turned out.  Added a few new things and fixed a bunch of long standing bugs.  The fixes should fix most of the instances where GMMP freezes/stops responding.  Hardware acceleration should make the UI a bit smoother as well.  I also decided to disable OpenSL by default for mp3 playback.  90% of the support emails I receive have been fixed by just disabling OpenSL and it serves no benefit for mp3s.  AAC formats will still use it since the legacy aac decoder was removed in jelly bean.

Edit: I found a bug with now playing not updating when changing preferences.  I updated the apk files.. so redownload 1.4.9 and install if you are not using amazon or google play

1.4.9 (04/04/2013):
-Added a location bar to the file browser (Prefs -> Library -> File Browser -> Show Location Bar)
-Added ability to use custom images for the background (Prefs -> UI -> Background -> Custom)
-Prefs -> Queue -> Play On Select is now enabled by default

1.4.9 Preview 2

1.4.9 is now finished along with the updates to the skins.  I'll be testing the next few days and allow the translations to catch up on the latest changes.  Here are some more screens.