Wednesday, December 18, 2013

1.5 Beta 2

I just published the next version of the beta.  The main focus was a new tablet split view.  It makes use of the extra screen space much better than the old version

1.5.b2.0 (12/18/2013):
-Added Split mode for tablets (Prefs -> UI -> Split Mode)
-Next/Previous track will now change tracks instead of repeating when Repeat Track mode is enabled
-Fixed equalizer scrubber offset when the device is in landscape
-Added support for updating the playback position using the standard lockscreen music controls (4.3+ only)
-Fixed issue where library list views would not correctly refresh/update
-Fixed bug where the equalizer settings would not save
-Renamed 'File Browser' tab to 'Folder'
-Navigation bar will now spread out the tabs better
-Increased a few of the font sizes for tablet layouts
-Added Turkish translation and updated other translations
-Added increase/decrease tempo to single button actions and gesture actions
-Added option to disable swipe navigation (Prefs -> UI -> Swipe Navigation)
-Limited pending UI update requests to 1

7 in tablet

10 in tablet