Friday, June 27, 2014

1.6.0 released - Adding Chromecast support + 50% off sale

This release finally brings Chromecast support to GoneMAD Music Player.  I've dropped the unlocker price to 1.99 for the weekend on google play.  Amazon will get the sale as well but it will be from saturday through monday (im trying a "price drop campaign" which wouldnt let me start it today).

1.6.0 (06/26/14):
-Added Chromecast support
-Added basic analytics
-Security improvements
-Split view is now available to more devices
-Added support for the ITUNESNORM tag (sound check)
-Added ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission for chromecast support
-Removed android.permission.READ_LOGS permission since its no longer being used
-Added option to send "Artist - Album" in the artist field over bluetooth (Prefs -> General -> Send Album With Artist)
-Added option to download all missing album art in the background.  (Prefs -> General -> Album Art -> Download Missing Art)
-If no album art, let metadata extend across the whole screen in landscape
-The queue will now reposition on track change as long as the user is not actively scrolling the list
-Auto remove trailing spaces in smart playlist rules
-Improved support for dates in cue files
-Improved seek bar positioning immediately after seeking
-Updated translations
-Correctly map id3 POPM rating tag to the right values
-Fixed queue always showing 0:00 for the current playing time
-Fixed last played stats in the backup
-Fixed issue where the album header would still show after backing out of an album
-Fixed a few issues when using Date Added Asc/Desc as the song sort order
-Handle issue where folder cannot be sorted correctly

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chromecast Preview

I'm hoping to get the first 1.6 out this weekend with chromecast support.  I had big plans for chromecast but so far all I have been able to get working is basic playback (no replaygain, crossfade, gapless, eq) which is all other players typically support anyway.   I still have some other things to try to get those other features to work over chromecast, so hopefully that works out.