Tuesday, September 6, 2011


0.25 had a bug that would disable the preferences to change the EQ band count and quality setting and since I already had a build ready there is no reason to delay releasing a patch.  This contains some fixes and a few minor new features including support for pls and wpl playlist files

Download 0.25.1 alpha here

0.25.1: (09/06/11)
-Moved File Browser preferences to a subcategory of Library preferences
-Added "Quick Return" option that turns the quicknavbar button of the active view into a shortcut
    to return to the root list (ie: in Genre view if you are navigated to Genre->Artist->Album, the
    genre button returns back to the root Genre list).  This works for the artist, album, genre, and browser
-Shuffle selection dialog now shows current shuffle mode
-Added support for loading .pls playlist files
-Added support for loading .wpl playlist files

-Renaming a genre to an already existing genre will merge the two instead of creating 2 identical genres
-Fixed crash when "Editing Tags" is on screen and gmmp is minimized
-Fixed shuffle playlist from picking the same song twice in a row
-Previous track button works correctly in shuffle playlist mode
-Fixed eq band and quality preferences from being disabled
-Fixed exception thrown by tag editor