Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dashclock Extension Update + Floating Notification Extension Beta

I posted a new build of the DashClock Music Extension (1.7.0) that adds support for Amazon MP3.  If you install the update and are currently listening to a song in amazon mp3, you must change tracks before it will properly show up.

I also wanted to officially announce the beta of my Music Extension for Floating Notifications.   It will display the playing track and artist along with music controls.  There is also a pro upgrade you can purchase which will show album art instead of the play icon (this works for most players but just in case I provided a way to test to see if your album art shows up before purchasing the upgrade).  Please note you must download the beta of Floating Notifications as well.

How to join:
1) Join this G+ community:
2) Join the beta:

Friday, August 16, 2013 -

A few fixes and a change to support a Floating Notifications music extension I am working on. (08/16/2013):
-Fixed issue where songs would always bookmark when the music service would shutdown
-Album art location is now broadcasted out along with the playing song information
-Bitrate is now estimated for M4A / ALAC files if the bitrate cannot be read from tags (08/09/2013):
-Fixed issue where sort order would not take effect until backing out and reselecting the item
-Fixed many of the album sorting options when "ignore prefix" is enabled
-Fixed crash when changing album art for albums that didnt have album art to begin with (caused by sorry!)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I've made some decent process on transitioning the UI over to using fragments. Im trying to do a bunch of code cleanup in the process so it is taking quite some time.  In the meantime here are some more bugfixes.  If this release causes any issues please uninstall/reinstall before filling a bug report.  There is nothing in this release that should make anything worse; its all simple bug fixes. (08/07/2013):
-Albums view 'Artist Asc/Desc' sort now sorts by Artist then AlbumName
-Added 'Artist - Album Year Asc/Desc' sort option for albums view
-Fixed issue where auto pause/resume would be applied until the option was changed in the preferences.
-Fixed case where album art would not update in now playing after selecting a new image
-Fixed crash when trying to read unknown id3 frames
-Fixed potential crash when reading an invalid adts aac file
-Bookmarks are now properly saved when exiting or letting the music service timeout
-Fixed bug with restoring bookmarks if the crossfade preference was never turned on at some point