Sunday, September 25, 2011

New widget added plus other fixes (0.27.1)

I just pushed updates to both markets.  It is mostly fixes/improvements but I added a few new things.  There is now a 4x2 widget and pressing the album art (or gmmp icon) on the widget will launch gmmp.  I also added an option for headset controls that only have one button (Preferences -> General -> Single Button Support under Headset Controls).  A single press will pause/play, a double press will advance to the next track and a triple press will go back to the previous track.

I personally do not really use widgets or headset controls so please feel free to email me if you think things need to be tweaked.

0.27.1 (09/25/2011):
-Added 4x2 widget and adjusted font color of existing widgets
-Pressing the album art on 4x2 and 2x2 widgets will launch gmmp
-Renamed "Enable Bluetooth Controls" to "Enable Headset Controls"
-Single Button Support option added to headset controls which does the following:
    Pause/Play on single press, Next Track on double press, Prev Track on triple press
-Added permission android.permission.MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS in order to check if bluetooth audio is connected
-Filescanner will now remove missing files and empty artists/albums/genres after scanning
-Library sorting is now case insensitive (you may have to change the sort option for this to take effect)
-Fixed random nullptr exception when the media controls try to update
-Fixed auto volume adjust for bluetooth
-Fixed crash setting up the auto scan
-Caught out of memory exception when creating a quicknavbutton
-Capped the max buffer size for an audio track (sizes were getting close to 1meg while
    connected via bluetooth.  That large of a size is not needed)
-Fixed album art from unnecessarily loading multiple times for the widgets