Saturday, July 30, 2011

New logo and launcher/status icon

I was tired of looking at the default android icon so I decided to fire up GIMP and find some youtube tutorials for making a cool icon.  Here is the result.

Various sizes are for the different density displays

Friday, July 29, 2011

New contact info

If you have any suggestions/comments or want to report a bug.  You can email

I also created a new twitter account where I will be posting updates: @GoneMADSoftware

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

0.22.2 - Saving playlist fix

I apparently broke the saving of playlists in 0.22.1.  A folder would get created instead of a m3u file.  So here is a fix for that

0.22.2 Alpha

Saturday, July 23, 2011

0.22.1 Patch

I decided to release this patch sooner rather than later.  I was testing on some other devices tonight and was easily able to reproduce some of the crashes reported to me.

0.22.1: (07/23/11)
-Fixed some force closes when some activities get destroyed
-Background tasks get canceled if not complete when an activity gets destroyed
-Fixed saving of playlists when the playlist directory hasnt been created yet

Download 0.22.1 alpha here

Friday, July 22, 2011

What's next

I've begun work on writing an equalizer for gmmp.  Digital signal processing is very fairly complex so it may take a bit longer than normal for me to put out 0.23.  Regardless expect a patch this weekend (0.22.1) to fix up some outstanding issues.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

0.22 - Bluetooth Controls + Loading/Saving Playlists

I added the ability to use bluetooth to control gmmp.  The player should respond to play/pause/stop/next/prev/ffwd/rwd.  Playlist support has been improved as well.  You also can now save and load playlists from the playlist view.  The file browser will show m3u files as well and let you load them from there just like any other media file.

Download 0.22 alpha here

0.22: (07/20/11)
-Renamed native libraries with a gm_ prefix to prevent conflicts with
    system libraries already on the device
-Added bluetooth controls (Play/Pause/Next/Prev/FFwd/Rwd)
-M3U playlist files are now supported in the file browser
-Save/Load playlist options added in playlist view
-"Playlist Storage Path" option added (Preferences->Playlist->Playlist Storage Path)
-Added an exit option to shutdown the background MusicService and close out of gmmp
-Added track time and number in playlist to list items in playlist view
-Added option to word wrap track name in playlist
-Added "format album/artist tags" option to the filescanner, this will make the album
    and artist tags propercase ie: "a dAy To rEmember" will format to "A Day To Remember"

New look for the playlist.  This is with word wrapping on
Word wrapping off
M3U file in the file browser
New scan option to toggle the formatting of artist/album tags
Load / Save options

Friday, July 15, 2011

0.21.1 - Memory fixes

edit:  I had originally posted a broken build earlier last night so if gapless playback or flac playback doesn't work download it again from the link below.

Before I started working on this project, I had not touched java in a few years.  I had completely forgotten how easy it is to leak memory in java.  Memory issues are not something you typically associate with a language that uses garbage collection.  There is a good article on the android dev site about preventing memory leaks:

Anyway I went through every single class in my app and made sure things properly are cleaning up.  If you were having issues with 0.21 definitely give this a try.

Download 0.21.1 Alpha here

0.21.1: (7/15/11)
-Caught exception thrown in the compatability view if the audioengine doesnt properly load
-Properly handle errors that occur in the audioengine library
-Improved memory usage and stability
-Audioengine: fixed bug that prevented the decoders and file readers from being
    properly cleaned up causing a major memory leak

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

0.21 Released

The next version is here.  With the new icons it looks a bit better.  Check the changelog for all of the updates.

Download 0.21 alpha here

0.21: (7/12/11)
-Updated error reporting library to ACRA 4.2.3
-Added additional error reporting options: Always Accept, Include System Logs, and Include Device Id
-Added new icons for the quick nav bar and file browser
-Browser view will fall back to the external storage path as a default if no other paths are found
-Playback will paused when receiving a phone call
-Preference added to resume playback after ending a phone call (Preferences->General->Resume On Call End)
-READ_PHONE_STATE permission added (for pausing playback when a phone call is received)
-Added support for embedded album art for mp3, flac, wma, mp4/m4a, and anything else using id3v2 tags
-Added statistics to the genre view (artist count, album count, track count)
-Added filetype compatibility check on startup.
-Added compatibility view which will show playback and gapless support of each filetype
    (Preferences->Audio->Show Compatibility)
-Audioengine: Added support for songs with a single channel (mono) and sample rates other than 44.1hz (8khz-48khz)
-Audioengine: Playback Thread priority is now configurable (Preferences->Audio->Playback Priority)
-Removed armeabi-v7 versions of the native libraries.  The apk should be half the size now.

-Audioengine: fixed crash from race condition when playback ends and starts
    again immediately (play random on playlist completion)
-Audioengine: fixed another crash from a race condition when starting playback on a file
-Audioengine: Fixed major memory leak when seeking mp3 or aac
-Fixed crash in browser view if there are no folders/files
-Fixed track notification not updating if you select a new track to play
-Fixed some memory leaks in all of the activity classes
-Fixed crash in browser when trying to sort folders by filetype

Monday, July 11, 2011

Compatibility Checks

I added in a filetype compatibility check which will let you easily see which formats are supported and which of them will have the gapless playback.  Since each device is different, there is no guarantee that the audioengine I wrote will correctly load (default mediaplayer is used in this case) and there is also no guarantee that the mp3 and aac decoders gmmp looks for will be on the device.  I wanted to make this as clear to the user as possible so under Preferences->Audio->Show Compatibility you will be able easily view what your device supports.

Left is missing mp3/aac decoders, middle failed to load the audioengine library, and the right is if everything is found and loads properly

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update on next release (0.21)

I am getting fairly close to finishing up the next release.  I have 2 minor tasks I still have to do but otherwise its looking good.  Some key features in this release will be: support for embedded album art for mp3 (or any file with id3v2 tags), aac (mp4/m4a), flac and wma; an upgrade to the error reporting system (relays MUCH more information about crashes to me); new icons for the UI; and auto pausing/resuming playback when receiving a phone call.

Barring any major setbacks I expect to get this finished and up for download by mid week.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Icons

I finally got around to replacing the placeholder icons I was using.  Here are some preview screen shots

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Minor Update - 0.20.1

I'm back from vacation and did 2 quick fixes.

0.20.1 (07/03/11):
-Fixed crash caused by updating notification when the next track has bad tags or doesnt exist
-Fixed scrobbling when using gapless playback

Download 0.20.1 Alpha