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GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 11a

3.0 Alpha 11a (07/22/19):


Fixed editing rules in groups
Fixed more issues with album artists in smart playlists
Prevent linking a smart playlist to itself when adding links to a group
Fixed crash when viewing a playlist with multiple entries of the currently playing song
Other various crash fixes


GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 11

Alpha 11 adds the final piece to the smart playlist functionality.  You now will be able to mix both AND and ORs (any rule / all rules) in the playlists through smart rule groups.  Inside each group you can add anything you could at the top level of the smart playlist (rules, groups, or links to other playlists).

Besides the smart playlist groups, I also added the ability to use the android image picker to select album art and added some new sort options for the folder view.

Next up will be widgets and a few new views/tabs (podcasts and years).  I expect widget work will be spread out over a few releases similar to the other big features I've done so far in this alpha.

3.0 Alpha 11 (07/18/19):


-Added some smart playlist validate to prevent saving invalid playlists
-Added ability to select album art using external image selectors / galleries
-Added new folder view sort options: Artist, Trackname, Track Num, and Rating
-Added tag caching to reduce the need to reread tags from s…