Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GMMP 2.1 Beta 5

GMMP 2.1 is mostly done besides remaining bug fixes and maybe one additional capability, so I anticipate Beta 6 to be mostly a fix update with a full release shortly after.  On another note I've already started prototyping some things for 3.0.  I am working on a new theme engine that should allow theme transitions without having to restart the UI and support any arbitrary color combination for material themes.  My hope this should play nicely with a cool feature google added in 5.0 to extract colors from images (album art) to use for themes.  https://www.bignerdranch.com/blog/extracting-colors-to-a-palette-with-android-lollipop/

2.1.0 Beta 5 (09/28/2016)
-Added toast when toggling repeat via now playing menu
-Updated support library to 24.2.1
-Updated play services to 9.6.0
-Added option to disable scans when Android Media Library Updates (Prefs -> Scanner -> Setup Auto Scan -> Sync With Android Media Library)
-Added option to set write permissions straight from the settings (Prefs -> General -> Device Prefs -> Enable Write Permissions)
-Fixed issue with the audioengine not loading on some samsung devices running 4.4 due to samsung not implementing an official api
-Reduced default buffer size on 5.0+
-Defaulted stop on full audio focus loss to true
-Added logic to fix poorly constructed playlists so they will load faster
-Adjusted saved value for id3 rating tag to match what MusicBee writes
-Changed default menu actions for now playing (all but toggle fullscreen, jump to playing menu, and toggle split view are now enabled by default)
-Updated translations

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

GMMP 2.1 Beta 4

2.1.0 Beta 4 (09/20/2016)
-Added support for mp2 audio files
-Disc number tag is now read in MPC files
-Added ability to write albumartist and disc number to MPC files
-Fixed writing albumartist tag in m4a files
-Added ability to save ratings in tags
-Added intent to change themes.  action:gonemad.gmmp.command.THEME, extra: key=themeId value="Style Name" (ie "Classic Dark Cyan")

2.1.0 Beta 3 (09/01/2016)
-Re-enabled album art on 4x1 widget (was turned off by mistake)
-Fixed media button overrides
-Added share option (now playing info or file)
-Reset enabled now playing menu options
-Added new higher quality album art download source
-Fixed other various crashes