Wednesday, April 17, 2019

GoneMAD Music Player 3.0 Alpha 8

This update is mostly fixes unfortunately but I did add a UI customization that I think a lot of users should like.  The ability to add/remove library views and change their order.

Since I added full composer support, I did not want to add a composer tab to everyones UI when I know it is not a commonly used tag, so I made this view order customization a priority.

3.0 Alpha 8 04/17/2019:

-Added skip count (advancing when less than 25% played for now, will be configurable in the future)
-Skip count now available in smart playlists
-Skip count added to song info dialog
-Disc number added to the tag editor for folders
-Added full composer support including composer view
-View order customization option to the library view.  Can choose the tabs and the order

-Improved finding files in playlists

-Fixed a bunch of issues in smart playlists with random sort order
-Smart playlists should now be listed in alphabetical order
-Fixed artist delete context menu option
-Album details can now change view mode
-Fixed album details when filtering by artist
-Floating action button should now hide correctly when scrolling short lists
-Add to playlist floating action button will now hide when scrolling down
-Fixed issue with reordering tracks in a playlist
-Fixed crash in the smart list view

3.0 Alpha 8a:
-Fixed scanner not associating composers with albums
-Fixed some crashes