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Finally out of beta. 1.0 is here!

After 7 months of development I am happy to say GoneMAD Music Player is finally out of beta.  There is plenty more to be done but I feel the feature set GMMP provides matches or is better than every other player on the market.  The downside of this is GMMP will no longer be free.  The beta is now a 14 day trial.  To show appreciation for all the early adopters I am keeping the unlocker at 50% off ($1.99 USD) up through November 6th, so grab it while it is still cheap. 

To see what is coming in future updates, check out the roadmap section of this site.  I will try to keep it updated with at least what is being worked on for the next release.

1.0 (10/28/2011):
-Added error messages when a track from a playlist is not found
-Moved widget processing to a background thread to prevent Application Not Responding issues
-Added volume control to the menu in now playing
-Added randomize feature to the playlist.  It will take your current playlist and randomize the tracklisting.


0.30 Released - Crossfade

It's late so I am keeping this short.  0.30 adds the crossfade functionality which can be accessed through Preferences -> Audio -> Crossfade.  I also added a Russian translation.  If there is anything wrong feel free to update the translations over at and I will include the changes into the next build.

0.30 (10/25/2011):
-Added crossfade with the following settings:
    Crossfade on auto track change (time is customizable)
    Crossfade on manual track change (time is customizable)
    Only crossfade on auto track change when using shuffle
-Added option to replace repeat and shuffle buttons with seek forward/backward (like before 0.28)
-Added repeat menu option when seek buttons are visible
-Added Russian translation

-Reduced lag/stutter in playback when using other apps
-Fixed nullptr exception when track uri is invalid
-Fixed crash in local image search
-Fixed nullptr exception when launching GMMP using the VIEW intent without …

Crossfade / Beta Status

I am nearly done the next update and will try to get it out tonight.  Since I am going to be on travel next week, I decided to push off adding cue support until a later update.  I want allow myself plenty of time to fix any immediate bugs that come up.  The crossfade feature will include the ability to set crossfade times(or disable) for automatic track changes and manual track changes.  I also added an option to only enable crossfade when using shuffle.  I've also made the decision that this will be the last version in the beta stage.  There is still plenty of more features that will be added in future updates, but I feel after this next release it will be mature enough to go out beta.

On another note I think I did manage to figure out the lag/stutter issue that occurs on some devices when using other apps during playback.  I had made a change back in late july which I thought would increase performance, but actually made gmmp consume too much cpu at certain times which would sta…

Sending manual error reports

Hi.  In 0.29 I included the ability to manually send in error reports along with a description of this issue.  If you do decide to send in a report.. please include descriptions that are more than "PLEASE HELP!" or "VOLUME".  How in the world am I supposed to understand what you mean by that?  Just describe your problem.. issue.. suggestion.. whatever.. and I will respond to it.  Even include your email address and I will send a personal email response back and we can discuss your issue.  Thank You.

Gapless playback bug fix

So I discovered a bug where the gapless data being read in from an mp3 file was very.. very incorrect.  Bad gapless data leads to skips when transitioning between tracks.  The fix is pushed to the market and appslib.

0.29.2 (10/18/2011):
-Fixed bug where gapless data would be incorrectly read for mp3s encoded with certain versions of LAME

0.29.1 (10/17/2011):
-Changing navigation bar's landscape position should now take effect immediately
-DSP is now completely disabled if there is an error when loading instead of crashing
-Fixed crash when running out of memory when trying to load album art

0.29 Released

I uploaded the new version to the android market and appslib, so it should be downloadable within the next 24 hours. 0.29 was focused around improving the compatibility with certain audio files.  Most of the other changes were based around the feedback I got from 0.28

For those of you who have already purchased the unlocker, you can now verify it is working properly by going to preferences -> about gmmp.  At the top you will see "Full Version Unlocked" if the unlocker is properly installed.

0.30 will most likely mark the end of the beta period.  Crossfade and .cue support will be the 2 major additions to that release.  Those two features are the last of the major capabilities I wanted to implement before going 1.0

0.29 (10/15/2011):
-Added support for 24bit and 8bit flac files (they are down/upsampled to 16bit however since
    the android OS doesnt support 24bit output)
-Made minor optimizations to the FLAC decoder
-Added Musepack(MPC) v7 and v8 support


Today GMMP passed the 10,000 download mark on the android market.  Not to bad for only being out for a little less than a month.

Anyway, I am hard at work on 0.29.  So far I've fixed an issue with m4a files that was preventing them to play and also added ALAC support so all non-drm m4a/mp4 files should play now.  Support for Musepack is also completed along with the ability to play 8bit and 24bit FLAC files (they still output at 16bit however due to a limitation of the android OS)

I am hoping to get 0.29 released by the end of this weekend.


If anyone would like to provide translations of my app into other languages feel free to contact me via email.  This includes the russians that have pirated my app.. that is still completely free... and are modifying it with a russian translation.  I will gladly include the translation in the official build.. there is no reason to hack it in.

Another UI update

Okay I lied about being done with the UI in my last post.  The quicknavbar just didnt seem to fit in with the rest of the theme so I changed it.  I also had forgotten to change the look of the spinner in the EQ so I did that as well.  I do plan on doing other themes but that will probably be awhile from now.  There are much more important things to focus on.

0.28.2 (10/04/2011):
-Removed redundancy in all the layout xml files
-Changed look of the quicknavbar to fit the rest of the theme a bit better
-Changed look of the spinner in the eq to fit the rest of the theme
-Removed album name and year from an album's track list items (that info is in the list header)
-Removed sorting by year in an album's tracklisting

-Fixed white background issue in lists on devices with Motoblur
-Fixed issue where album art would not show if you disabled album art then reenabled it

UI updates and full version unlocker

0.28 is finished with an updated and much nicer looking user interface.  I also made an unlocker that is available on the android market (appslib needs approval for paid apps so it may take some time to show up).  During the beta and the first week after the full version is released I will be selling the unlocker for 50% off (1.99 USD).  The beta will still continue and be free for the time being.  The next major update will focus on audio format compatibility.  GMMP currently does not support mpc, alac and wma lossless.  Audio files that are greater than 48khz or not 16 bit are not supported as well.  I would like add support for those in the next version if it is possible.

0.28 (10/02/2011):
-Replaced media controls
-Added gmmp logo as default album art
-New landscape layout for now playing
-Unified the icon colors
-General UI tweaks to improve performance and looks
-Added repeat functionality
-Changed default background in now playing (you can set it back to black in pre…