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2.0.26 - SD Card write access on 5.0+

The next GMMP is finally ready to get out of beta.  Most of the time was spent working on allowing write access to music on the sdcard.  You now should be able to edit tags of files on the sdcard and delete files.  When you first try to do a write action on your sdcard, you will be prompted with a message with instructions.  The standard android device select UI will then come up and you will have to select the root of your sdcard and select okay.  This will grant GMMP access to write/edit any file in that selected location.  The number of beta testers with sdcards is fairly small so I would not be too surprised if there was a minor bug here or there.

On another note, if you are looking for a way to obtain a free promo code for the unlocker, consider helping with translations:

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2.0.26 (03/11/2016)
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