Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2.0.18 released (4.1+)

GMMP finally seems stable enough to roll out to the public.  I believe the issues with pre kitkat devices was resolved so this update should be received by everyone (except those with ARMv5 devices.. since support for that was dropped).  This update is going to both google play and amazon.  Those with the amazon version will not get the 64bit update however.  Amazon developer console is pretty bad and there was no way for me to upload the 64bit version alongside the 32bit version.  I opened a ticket with amazon so hopefully they can give me an answer.

Full changelog since 2.0.7:

2.0.18 (12/14/2015):
-Fixed issue where the first song of a folder would play regardless of the file selected
-Holo themes are now forced to use material seekbar due to the latest android compatibility library breaking theming support for seekbars

2.0.17 (12/12/2015):
-Fixed issues with the 64 bit version of gmmp

2.0.16 (12/11/2015):
-Added support for chromecast audio
-Added ARM 64-bit version of GMMP
-Added Crashlytics NDK support
-Updated support library to 23.1.1
-Updated to ffmpeg 2.7.3
-Scanner improvements to prevent duplicates
-Removed ugly zoom buttons from lyrics view and fixed crash related to the zoom buttons
-Removed some unused libraries
-Fixed bug where the folder selector for the scan/ignore paths would not list /storage/emulated/0
-Fixed bug causing every folder to be added to the scanner's ignore list
-Fixed bug where GMMP might not be listed as a default audio app
-Fixed bug trying to read some apev2 tags
-Fixed EQ setting not changing to "Custom" when bands are adjusted but not saved

2.0.15 (10/31/2015):
-Fixed distortion caused by 2.0.14

2.0.14 (10/30/2015):
-Fixed crash caused by changing the tempo with pitch correction on
-Audioengine performance improvements

2.0.13 Beta (10/16/2015):
-Fixed crash when playing some low bitrate WMAv9 files
-Fixed issue on Moto X Pure where nothing would play
-Fixed Current time and total time not displaying in now playing on tablets running android M

2.0.12 Beta (10/01/2015):
-Fixed issue with shuffle queue not looping with a single track in the queue
-Updated taglib to 1.10 beta
-Removed some deprecated audioengine related libraries

2.0.11 Beta (09/20/2015):
-Removed deprecated apache http code and replaced it with OkHttp
-Updated to build tools 23.0.1 and sdk 23
-Updated android support libraries to 23.0.x
-Updated google play services libraries to 7.8.x
-Fixed crackling issue in crossfade and high/highest eq settings
-Fixed issue loading audioengine on Android M

2.0.10 Beta (09/07/2015):
-Added support for less common wav encodings and 32/64bit wav
-Updated nearly all of the audio codecs
-Audioengine consolidation
-Audioengine is now built with NDK 10e
-Removed ARMv5 support