Wednesday, August 24, 2016

GMMP 2.1 Beta

For those of you not aware, there are some newer updates available in the gmmp beta on google play

A lot of the google apis have been updated so if you having issues with chromecast or other google related features its worth checking out.  The beta also implements android's MediaSession api which should allow for better integration with media controls and selecting gmmp as a music player.

2.1.0 Beta 2
-Removed "Disable ICS lockscreen controls"
-Added option to disable album art on lockscreen
-Added %fs% for filesize in custom metadata lines
-Fixed remote multi press on android 5.0+
-Added date added to the stats backup/restore
-Added play next/prev album by artist to gesture actions and media button actions
-Touchscreen no longer required (recommended for chromebook support)
-Renamed gapless setting to enable/disable gmmp's custom audioengine
-Disabled album art option for 2x1 widget
-Updated play services to 9.4.0
-Updated support libraries to 24.1.1

2.1.0 Beta 1
-Updated play services to 8.4
-Updated support library to 23.4
-Removed support for pre kitkat devices
-Updated to use MediaSession api
-Removed high priority receiver option (no longer needed with MediaSession api)
-Changed audio output to use official AudioTrack api instead of unofficial

Up next is a share option (both now playing info and the actual audio file) and an improved album art downloader