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Lockscreen teaser

One of the most asked for features I get is a lockscreen player, so here is some screens of the lockscreen player that will be in gmmp 1.1.  It is very similar to the now playing screen but also has an unlock button.  Gestures will work as well. Unfortunately the lockscreen will only be available to devices running 2.0 and higher.  Google didnt add the appropriate functions to their sdk until 2.0 in order to do a lockscreen without some major hacks.  Also note that 1.1 will include the option to use the icons next to the metadata instead of the artist/album/track/genre text.

Also you can check up on the status of 1.1 here


This hopefully will be the last patch for the 1.0.x line.  Work on 1.1 is underway.  Most likely the release date will be sometime in december.

1.0.6 (11/18/2011):
-Added m4b to supported file extensions
-Fixed crash when non numbers are entered into time select view
-Fixed detection of certain headsets being unplugged

1.0.5 - More fixes

With this update there are now 2 remaining (reported) issues.  HE-AACv1 and HE-AACV2 files don't currently work with gapless/eq/crossfade and a few people have had some issues getting all their files scanned into gmmp.  This patch hopefully will fix the scanning issue.

Edit: For those using appslib, you will have to wait until the weekend to get the fixes from 1.0.4 and 1.0.5.  When I push a new update there, the old download gets deleted so nothing is available for around 24 hrs.  I don't want to give the appslib testers any reason to fail the app.

1.0.5 (11/15/2011):
-Fixed crash in randomize playlist functionality
-Fixed crash in genre view
-Changed directory traversal code in the scanner to match the browser which will hopefully fix some scanning issues
-Fixed issue where incorrect duration was listed in now playing
-Fixed seek issue with some WMA files
-Lowered default decoder priority to above normal
-Updated translations


If you haven't noticed already, I am trying to make 1.0.x as solid as possible before moving on to new features. So there will be a few more updates before I start working on 1.1

1.0.4 (11/10/2011):
-Filescanner will now catch and log out of memory errors
-Fixed the 2 "On Select" preferences for the browser view
-Fixed genre view so it only shows albums and songs of the genre selected instead of everything
    by the artist
-Fixed issue where using the tag editor in the playlist view on songs added from the browser would
    result in all the tags to be blank

Some more minor updates

In order for me to properly handle some of the error reports submitted from the app, I added an email field so I can contact the user about their issue.  I get a few reports that would be very simple to solve if I was able to contact them.  I also added 2 more default paths to the scanner since not everyone keeps their music in /sdcard/music.  Remember the file browser uses the paths set in the scanner as the main directories to browse, so by default you will see 2 folders when you start to browser (Music and sdcard).  To go back to the old behavior simply go to the scanner -> scan paths and delete the /sdcard/ entry.

Also one other thing I wanted to note.  In this patch I intended to add an option for the user for force a certain locale for gmmp.  After doing some research there was no clean way to do this and I did not want to put in an ugly hack just to do this, so if you have issues with any of the current translations log on to…

1.0.2 - Mp3 Gapless fix

Around a month ago I had someone report to me that gapless was not working for mp3.  All the files I had tested with seemed to transition perfect but apparently this was not the case for every mp3 file.  After a lot of investigating, I could not find the reason for the audible click when transition some tracks.  GMMP would properly read and account for the gapless metadata in each file, so I was quite baffled.  Fortunately the user who reported the issue also informed me that rockbox was one of the few apps that properly handled gapless playback.  Rockbox is also open source, so yesterday I read through most of the mp3 portion of rockbox comparing it to how I was handling gapless playback.  Turns out there is an additional, very small, section of audio data that needs to be skipped along with the encoder delay and zero padding.  So 1.0.2 includes the fix to skip that data and gmmp should now have true gapless transitions between mp3 files.

1.0.2 (11/6/2011):
-Fixed case whe…

1.0.1 - Widget fixes

I was away all week on business travel so I was not able to do much new development.  Here are some fixes tho.  Also I would like to note that I was reported there were issues with crossfade/eq/gapless and some of the lesser used aac extensions (HE-AACv1 & HE-AACv2).  I am currently working on a solution.

-Added help button to initial trial popup
-Updated russian translation

-Caught out of memory error in widget update service
-Fixed 2x2 and 4x2 widgets only showing the control buttons
-Fixed notification not updating when manually changing tracks in shuffle collection mode
-Fixed widget not updating when the track automatically changes in shuffle collection mode