Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - More fixes

While working on 1.5 I finally tracked down the cause of one bug that I've been getting reports of for a long time so I decided to do another minor update.

Also I've noticed a good amount of error reports from users running the x86 version of GMMP on non x86 devices, so please download and install the correct version.  ~99.5% of android phones have ARM cpus so the x86 builds are only for a select few (like users with a droid razr i). (09/11/2013):
-Fixed bug where custom metadata line wouldnt show correctly if the metadata text had a dollar sign in it
-Fixed potential crash after setting a custom background
-Caught exception thrown when in correctly connecting to the music service
-Fixed crash when destroying the lyrics view
-Fixed crash unbinding from musiXmatch service
-Caught some misc exceptions

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Early 1.5 Alpha Preview - Playback Speed Adjustments + Swipe To Change Views

Here is a video showing some of the 1.5 developement progress.  It includes swiping between views and the playback speed adjustments