Sunday, October 2, 2011

UI updates and full version unlocker

0.28 is finished with an updated and much nicer looking user interface.  I also made an unlocker that is available on the android market (appslib needs approval for paid apps so it may take some time to show up).  During the beta and the first week after the full version is released I will be selling the unlocker for 50% off (1.99 USD).  The beta will still continue and be free for the time being.  The next major update will focus on audio format compatibility.  GMMP currently does not support mpc, alac and wma lossless.  Audio files that are greater than 48khz or not 16 bit are not supported as well.  I would like add support for those in the next version if it is possible.

0.28 (10/02/2011):
-Replaced media controls
-Added gmmp logo as default album art
-New landscape layout for now playing
-Unified the icon colors
-General UI tweaks to improve performance and looks
-Added repeat functionality
-Changed default background in now playing (you can set it back to black in preferences)
-Changed "Queue Album On Song Press" default value to true
-Changed "Album Art Scale Type" to Fit Center
-Changed now playing to not reload album art during a track change if the image does not change
-Added support for full version unlocker
-Added handling for sdcards that use the path /sdcard-ext/ instead of /sdcard/

-Fixed crash when deleting an eq preset
-Fixed nullptr exception in command receiver
-Fixed nullptr exception in WidgetUpdateService
-Fixed crash when trying to play a track with a sample rate greater than 48khz which is not yet supported

0.27.3 (09/28/2011):
-Renamed "Single Button Support" preference to Multi-Press Enabled
-If Multi-Press is not enabled, a long press will advance to next track
-Headset controls respond to "HeadsetHook" instead of "Play/Pause" for multi-press
    and long press.  HeadsetHook is what single button headset controls typically send
-Other various minor fixes