Saturday, October 15, 2011

0.29 Released

I uploaded the new version to the android market and appslib, so it should be downloadable within the next 24 hours. 0.29 was focused around improving the compatibility with certain audio files.  Most of the other changes were based around the feedback I got from 0.28

For those of you who have already purchased the unlocker, you can now verify it is working properly by going to preferences -> about gmmp.  At the top you will see "Full Version Unlocked" if the unlocker is properly installed.

0.30 will most likely mark the end of the beta period.  Crossfade and .cue support will be the 2 major additions to that release.  Those two features are the last of the major capabilities I wanted to implement before going 1.0

0.29 (10/15/2011):
-Added support for 24bit and 8bit flac files (they are down/upsampled to 16bit however since
    the android OS doesnt support 24bit output)
-Made minor optimizations to the FLAC decoder
-Added Musepack(MPC) v7 and v8 support
-Added support for ALAC in mp4/m4a files
-Playing an artist will sort the tracks in the playlist by album then track number then filename
    instead of just by filename
-Shuffle Collection now keeps track of previously played tracks
-GMMP will now be listed as an choice to open audio files
-"About GMMP" is now its own activity instead of a dialog
-"About GMMP" will show whether you have the unlocker installed or not
-Added viewable error log (Preferences -> General -> Error Log) with the option to send the
    log to the developer along with an description of the issue
-Replaced a lot of the hardcoded text with references to strings.xml (to help with localization)
-Added high priority receiver option for headset/remote controls (turning this off should allow other
    apps to intercept the button presses before gmmp)
-Added 3 new sort options to the browser: Track Number, Track Name, and Artist.  These can be slower than the other sorts since they have to read each file's tags
-Fixed issue where some aac mp4/m4a files would not play
-Fixed potential crash when trying to play an unsupported audio file
-Fixed issue where enabling gapless option would take one track to finish before
    gapless took effect
-Fixed repeat from cutting off the end of the track
-Fixed play next on an empty playlist
-Fixed potential stack overflow in options menu
-Exception caught when android equalizer fails to load.  The android eq is then marked unsupported.